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Viking Jewelry: Connect with your ancestors!

Do you want to have a special style with Viking jewelry? As you probably know, jewelry is no exception. If you really want to represent your ancestors, you can easily find Viking earrings, Viking bracelets, Viking rings or Viking necklaces in our store.

We will also offer you Viking brooches and hairpins as well as beard jewelry. If you are looking for Viking jewelry for men or women, you will have a wide choice, which is not negligible either! But before we get into the general topic of Norse jewelry, let's give you some information about the products we sell. Ready to learn more? This is the place to do it!

Why did the Vikings wear jewelry?

Viking Jewelry | Viking Héritage

You're probably wondering why we're asking this question. After all, the most likely answer is simply that they wanted to wear it. After all, there is no need to explain why we want to wear jewelry. Nevertheless, the Vikings had their own reason.

The first explanation is simply that they wanted to be decorated. They didn't really like being without anything, which could be a largely sufficient explanation. In other words, it simply allowed them to have an outfit and an appearance, much more beautiful, which is not negligible. But it was not only the Vikings who wished to have a more beautiful appearance: it is, in general, people living in ancient times who strongly appreciate wearing jewelry.

But it went much further than that! Indeed, the second reason why, the Vikings wore jewelry to simply show their social status. It should be known that only the rich and people with a high position in society could afford to have jewelry with precious stones.

As you can see, it is rather difficult for people with an average standard of living to have jewelry with precious stones, for example.

The reason why the Vikings wore jewelry may surprise you, but it was a real form of currency in those days. You might wonder how this was possible: simply because some rings and necklaces were made of silver. And they could cut off a piece to give in exchange for a commodity. Pretty ingenious, don't you think?

The last reason why the Vikings wore jewelry was simply their belief. They were a very religious people and they whorship their gods a lot, which was not a negligible thing at the time. For example, the warriors wore amulets to be protected during the fights.

As you can see, there are various reasons why the Vikings wore jewelry. And it is quite funny to see that the reasons differ a lot nowadays!

Viking jewelry: a symbol of strength!

Now that you know a little more about the different reasons why the Vikings wore jewelry, we're going to tell you more about the different symbols. And you'll certainly be amazed at what it can mean to the Vikings! Ready for take-off? Let's go!

Men Viking Jewelry | Viking Héritage

The first symbolic jewel that we will talk about is the hammer of Mjölnir or Thor's Hammer. It should be known that at the time, Thor was the god of thunder and storm. In other words, it was not necessarily the person to piss off. But the symbolism is simple to understand: Thor's hammer never missed its target. This is why the warriors did not want to part with their amulets bearing the effigy of Thor. Let's also note that the god had succeeded in knocking out a giant with it. Quite impressive, then!

The second piece of jewelry we are going to talk about is the Viking axe. It is a symbol very well known in the world, whether it is today or several centuries ago. But don't panic, we'll explain why: the Vikings were able to bend the world to their will with this axe. Another strong symbolism that comes straight from the North!

Authentic Viking Jewelry | Viking Héritage

The last jewel with strong symbolism in ancient times is none other than the Futhark Runes. And these are very strong symbols. Why are they so strong? Simply because the destiny of all beings in the cosmos are inside the wheel of the universe. And the person being able to understand the runes were also able to learn more about the laws of the cosmos. So it is the most powerful symbols among the Vikings.

What were the best Viking jewelries?

Men Viking Jewelry | Viking Héritage

Viking Rings

You want to bring out the Viking in you? It couldn't be easier! We offer you a whole range of viking rings that you can easily wear everyday. Our quality rings will accompany you whatever your activities or your profession. Of course, if you are looking for discretion, it is not necessarily what we can offer you, but you will look like a real Celtic, which is not negligible!

Let's also note that our Viking rings will delight you to give you an appropriate total look. No one will be able to say that you don't look like your ancestors! 

Viking Bracelets 

You want to show your warrior side on your wrist? Don't panic, we can offer you a whole range of products such as Viking bracelets. These are, of course, made with quality materials! Let's also note that we make it a point of honor to offer you the best bracelet you can hope for.

This last one will be able to follow you everywhere as well at work, as the weekends. But you must be careful: the look you usually wear must be in perfect adequacy with your accessories!

Viking Necklaces

On our online store, you can search and find the Viking Necklace that suits you. Of course, the pendants are different according to your desires, but also to your daily look! It is perfectly possible to interchange pendants for necklaces. So you can easily have a necklace that looks like you. You can put on the one that suits you best, depending on your mood!
Let's not forget that the products we offer are of good quality. Indeed, we really make it a point to offer you the best quality that currently exists on the market!

Viking Brooches and Hairpins

If you like to show it on your clothes, it is perfectly possible to buy Viking brooches and hairpins on our online store. Indeed, we understand perfectly that you do not necessarily want to wear jewelry. And don't forget that the Viking also had brooches!

All our range is dedicated to you. You will certainly find your happiness among the different shapes, but also the different materials. Whatever your desire, we are sure that you will find what you are looking for.

Crafted in the best quality, you will be able to keep your norse jewels in a simple and effective way. No need to worry, we are sure that you will be pleased!
On our online store, you can search and find the Triskèle that suits you. Of course, the pendants are different according to your desires, but also to your daily look! It is perfectly possible to interchange pendants for necklaces. So you can easily have a necklace that looks like you. You can put on the one that suits you best, depending on your mood!

Viking Beard Jewelries

Bring out your Viking side in no time by growing a beard! But don't panic, you can easily decorate it with your favorite Nordic pendant. Of course, you can change it every day depending on your mood. After all, nothing is set in stone! But you should also know that you can put several of them too. Pretty handy when you can't make a choice, right?

As you can see, jewels in Vikings were never insignificant. Between symbolism and social status, it is true that the jewel was really the accessory that one should not forget! But we will now see what are the best jewels at the time of the Vikings.

As you can imagine, Thor's hammer amulet was one of the favorite, but also the most worn jewels in Viking times. Indeed, as a symbol of protection, it was particularly appreciated during the fights. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know that this jewel existed in different forms: it was possible to find it in necklace, just like in bracelet, for example. So everyone could find something to wear easily and quickly.

As you can see, jewelry was very important to the Vikings. Indeed, they could not do without this kind of accessories to go out. Beyond being a mark for status, it was also a way to show their gods that they appreciated them. But in today's time, even if some people want to keep a very Celtic style, jewelry is a must.

These will not necessarily have the same meaning for you. Indeed, you will certainly buy a piece of jewelry because you like it, without necessarily thinking about the different symbolism it may have. Nevertheless, we hope that you will find your happiness on our store. Again, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. And we hope you will enjoy this article!