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Womens Viking Bracelet

At Viking Heritage, you can enjoy a unique collection of Womens Viking Bracelet. We aim to please everyone with our products. If you know a friend who is passionate about the Viking world, a bracelet is a great gift!

Feel the power of Thor with his hammer Mjolnir. This object is so important in the Nordic legend that we offer it in different aspects. In leather and bronze, in braided leather or in the simplest of workmanship, you can display the hammer and be afraid of nothing.

If you are looking for spirituality and wisdom, the tree of life bracelet collection is for you. Legend has it that the god Odin sacrificed himself by hanging from it in order to access many hidden insights. Embrace the image of becoming and disappearing with this item.

In case you love symbolism, rune bracelets are the best items to indulge yourself. Again, we offer you the choice of the material according to your desires: antique copper, bronze or silver.

But you can also pay tribute to important members of the Viking community. Have the pride to show your warrior side with the Lagertha bracelet or show your princess and queen look with Aslaug and Siggy.

Of course, other models are available: Viking axe, Fenrir wolf, Nidhogg. The choice is vast and diverse.

A unique handcrafted product

Womens Viking Bracelet | Viking Heritage

Whether it is for the women's collection or other products, our Viking Heritage boutique wants to offer you the best possible items. That is why our craftsmen make all their accessories by hand. Each of their creations is unique and that is why variations can exist.

This treatment is certainly long, from one day to 5 days, but it allows you to have a beautiful viking bracelet, which will be able to last. Moreover, we work with craftsmen who provide a very professional work, for an impressive result.

We concentrate all our efforts to reduce the delays and offer you what you want as soon as possible.

Also, the delivery of your order is done between 1 and 3 weeks. Our teams do their utmost to ensure a fast delivery and respect our values.

Finally, we are aware that it may happen that you are not satisfied with the product. That is why we will do our best to correct this. Our support is available every day of the year, 24/7.

Contact us via tickets or email so we can help you. We will be happy to do so!