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Viking Tunic Collection

Want to have a quality viking outfit? Discover our entire collection of viking tunic in our store.

The choice of symbols for his Viking tunic

Wearing the Viking look means wearing some symbols that are inseparable from the mythological culture. Whether it is for you or for a friend, wearing a Viking tunic is to be sure to have the best Viking outfit possible.

So what can you find as Viking clothing?

First of all, it will be possible to order the Vegvisir Viking tunic. This symbol marks the direction and protection of the Nordic people, who were often taken on raids throughout Europe, including Britain. The Vegvisir is a symbol that allows the wearer to avoid getting lost on the way to their destiny. The Galdrabok tells that the Vikings drew the sign on the forehead of an individual with blood so that he could enjoy all the powers of the symbol.

Have you always dreamed of being as strong as Rollo in the Vikings series? It is now possible by wearing our outfits. In gray or cream color you will be able to fight any danger that comes your way.

The medieval tunic model will suit those who want to have a more contemporary Viking look.

You have the choice to take a piece that contains a hood. What to stay safe from any bad weather conditions, whether it is rain or wind. No doubt that Viking warriors and raiders used it for their sea travel, to stay dry.

Many colors are proposed to you. Keep it simple by taking a totally white tunic. Playing sober can also be done with the model available in cream color. The green and yellow colors are available in light tones that will give an original touch to your outfit, while remaining in the Viking DNA.

All of our pieces contain cords that allow you to adjust the tightness around the neck. Wear your tunic in winter as well as in summer!

An impeccable service

We want to offer you an exceptional customer experience. That's why our products are made entirely by hand by our craftsmen, which allows us to have an impeccable quality of fabric. The garment is therefore consistent with what you can see.

The Viking tunic being exceptional, we have to offer an irreproachable customer service. Available in 5 sizes, from S to XXL, the pieces are delivered quickly. What if the size doesn't fit? The return is free within 14 days, which allows you to have the product that fits you.

Please note that the delivery is offered in France so it would be silly to take advantage of it. If you have any question our support is available by mail. Present 24/24 and 7/7 we will do our best to meet your expectations, whether before, during or after the order!

All you have to do is choose your Viking tunic and order it! You will then have the true look of a Viking.