Discover our Dragon Rings Collection inspired by the Norse Mythology

Have you always dreamed of feeling as powerful as a dragon? Thanks to our dragon rings collection, feel the eternal and majestic dimension of the most famous dragons, like Drogon or Smaug. Through our dragon ring products, We offers the opportunity to feel as legendary as the dragon is. Put on your ring, feel the strength of the creature and fly to fulfill your goals! Move forward with determination in your daily life and overcome all the obstacles that come your way, like the dragon spitting fire. When in doubt, look to your ring to get you going again!

In addition to being a motivating object, it is a true work of art that you will have on your finger. So don't hesitate to wear it to make a lasting impression on your loved ones! All our dragon rings are handmade by our craftsmen. This allows you to benefit from an exceptional quality of product! Many shapes and colors are available in our store to offer you a wide variety of choices. Classic design or more sought after, there is bound to be one that will please you! 


The best Mens Dragon Ring

Dragon Rings | Viking Heritage

Viking warriors feel as fierce as a dragon. Bring out your Berserk side by putting mens dragon ring on your finger! Viking Heritage recommends that you choose an imposing and evocative model. With such a dragon ring, it will be possible to keep all your problems at bay. You will have the strength to fight each of the difficulties present in your work or in your relationships.

Finally it is a real ally that you will have by having dragon ring for men. Our references being numerous, choose according to what you prefer! Make the people around you feel fear by putting a dragon head around your finger. Our dragon head ring is particularly interesting. More sober rings are also available in our store. Discover all the products as a dragon explores the world by flying over the land! Enjoy it now!

Other models bring out the majestic and mythical side of dragons. Build on the elegance of a creature that is nevertheless imposing. Some gold jewelry is truly incredible and visually stunning. Our rings are made by our craftsmen using high quality materials. The workmanship is such that our dragon jewelry looks visually more beautiful than it looks. A processing time of one to five days is required to achieve this level of product. Be patient and you will soon be as revered as a dragon.

A unique collection of Dragon Ring Silver 

They say the dragon is a creature that craves gold. But they may change their minds when they see our dragon ring silver. They are indeed beautiful products that are present in our store. The offer is varied, which gives you the opportunity to choose from many silver jewelry. With this kind of item, you will have a piece of jewelry that goes in any situation and is quite interesting to have.

The silver dragon ring will take you back to the jewelry with simple but very effective construction. In addition, the advantage is that the shapes and colors of a dragon blend perfectly with a ring designed in silver. So this is an opportunity to have something traditional and old-fashioned if you like that kind of thing. A silver ring won't stop you from being noticed by the people around you. Bring back the past and bring it up to date with a silver dragon ring.

All of our products are shock and weather resistant. In spite of falls and potential damages, our rings will remain the same and will not deteriorate. Moreover, despite the passing days, the level of quality and details will not decrease. All this is made possible by our craftsmen. This ensures that you will be able to wear your jewelry for many years, without fear that it will not be as beautiful as before.

Keep your problems at bay with the gold dragon ring

The dragon is a creature that has many tricks up its sleeve. Its fire, teeth and claws, coupled with the fact that it can fly, mean that it can do a lot of damage. Get out the claws and go after your goals. Whether it's a ring or a signet ring, having claws around your finger will attract the attention of everyone who sees such a piece of jewelry. If you want people around you to notice the beauty of your ring, the gold dragon ring is for you!

Finally, a dragon uses its claws to achieve its ends, just like a human does with his hands. They are essential to this creature. Accentuate this essential aspect by putting a dragon claw ring around your finger. It will be the perfect item to show your fierce side and ready to take on your daily problems. Be like the dragon and fear nothing thanks to such an object.

Nothing prevents you from offering a Viking ring to your loved ones. It is even an ideal gift for someone who loves Norse mythology and the world of dragons. Show your attachment and the fact that she means a lot to you by letting her know that you have put your claws on her. But without it being negative of course! Finally, depending on the tastes of the person you wish to offer such a gift, there is a ring or a signet ring that will make him/her look good!

Womens Dragon ring for with subtle details

Who said that the dragon ring was an object reserved for men? Even a woman can enjoy the power and grace of such a creature. Our womens dragon rings collection contain many rings that are suitable for women. But above all, they are up to your ambitions!

We have included dragon rings in our store with beautiful colors, which will give you the opportunity to shine once you go out. It is also possible to choose a more traditional color if you want to stick to the dark and gloomy spirit of the dragon. For you ladies, we have decided to offer dragon jewelry that matches your tastes and desires. That's why you will find models with subtle details. Every day, admire your dragon ring for women and look for the details you haven't seen yet. Even the simplest seeming designs will surprise you!

Dragon head, eye, claw or scale, every type of ring is available for you. Our dragon jewelry is specifically adapted to the size of your fingers, which ensures that you have a piece of jewelry that won't slip off. In addition, some products are designed for both men and women, with adjustable sizing and a tailored design. Combining a dragon ring with a current outfit is quite possible. It's up to you!

The dragons of Norse mythology

If you want to own a dragon ring, it's probably because you're interested in the creatures of Nordic mythology. So let's take a look at the different dragons you can find.

The most famous is probably the dragon Nidhogg. In Old Norse, this name means "the one who strikes with malice" or "the curse attacker". It is a creature that lives under the Yggdrasil, the tree of life on which the Nordic world is based. He wishes to destroy the tree because it would kill the gods. If he does this, it is in order to bring back chaos. Nidhogg therefore takes part in the Ragnarok. During this battle he will fly above the Yggdrasil to help the giants during their battle. He would also be a major actor of an underground world called Nastrond. It is in this world that perjurers, murderers and adulterers are punished.

We also find the dragon Fafnir. He is the inspiration for Tolkien's writings and especially for The Hobbit. In the cycle of Sigurd from Scandinavian mythology, he is a relatively powerful dwarf. He seizes his father's cursed treasure and transforms himself into a dragon to protect it. As with Smaug in The Hobbit, he possessed a large quantity of gold, living in a cave located within a mountain. The hero of the Volsunga saga, Sigurd, will finally kill him, on the orders of Fafnir's own brother, Regin.

Finally, in some stories, Jormungandr is represented as a dragon and not as a serpent. In both cases, he surrounds Midgard with his tail and will fight with Thor in Ragnarok. In each case, the dragon of Norse mythology symbolizes strength. The creature also represents the thirst for treasure, as the Vikings were!