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Our Viking wolf bracelets | The Viking touch you were missing !

Discover our collection of wolf bracelets! If you want to immerse yourself in Viking culture, you've come to the right place! Get ready to discover an authentic collection of wolf jewelry, a symbol with multiple meanings.

Centuries after the reign of the Vikings, they still fascinate, and are still admired. Sometimes with an axe, sometimes with a sword, they have forged the history of humanity, and have marked it with their strong character.

The icy and arid land of the Vikings has shaped merciless warriors, and against all odds, it has also given birth to the greatest artists of the time. Renowned craftsmen, sculptors, goldsmiths and jewelers, the Scandinavians are an incredibly refined people.

To their credit, wolf bracelets are the ultimate culmination of ancient Nordic culture. A symbol of strength and a major distinguishing feature, their jewels, especially wolf jewelry, represent the pinnacle of their art.

Our Leather wolf bracelet collection

Do you want to awaken the Viking soul within you? Are you looking for the accessory that will rekindle your Nordic flame? If so, welcome to the Viking sanctuary! We invite you to browse through our collection of leather wolf bracelet that brings together the most prestigious Viking relics.

Our wolf jewelry is made from sacred Nordic craftsmanship, said to have been given to us by Viking deities. From this same essence came our greatest masterpieces, one-of-a-kind creations that we humbly present to you in our wolf bracelet collection!

Our artisans make sure to offer you selections of accessories with carefully arranged pieces:

  • High quality bracelets, designed from noble materials that Nordic antiques ;
  • Finishing touches down to the smallest detail, worthy of the greatest jewelers of the Viking era;
  • A modern design so that your Loup bracelets accompany you in all your styles.

In addition to all this, each of our Viking wolf bracelets is made in the Viking tradition. On your wrist, you will have more than a simple jewel, you will have a magical object embodying the mystical properties of the Vikings.

Whether it is intended as a gift, or simply to please yourself, it is the perfect accessory to bring a Scandinavian touch to your look. What are you waiting for to find the right Viking bracelet for you? Check out our collection now.

Mens wolf bracelet: the symbol of the viking warrior!

The mens wolf bracelet are the most widespread jewelry, even among the Viking men. In addition to the prestige they give to their owner, they had a double use among Viking warriors:

  • It was customary among Viking warrior troops to wear a male wolf bracelet to provide strength and ferocity in battle. Symbol of sacrifice and loyalty, this bracelet also served as a sacred promise that bound these warriors;
  • Made of iron, bronze or silver, the bracelets are very resistant and are used to ward off the blows of enemies. This protection was supposed to represent the benevolence of Odin who always kept an eye on his most valiant Vikings.

Indeed, wolf bracelets have never been considered as simple ornaments. They are real emblems of power and Viking domination. This is why they were not only found among warriors, and that they existed in different social spheres:

  • Navigators and sailors: The bracelet is a major symbol of protection for the god Odin. Viking sailors wore silver wolf bracelets, both to use as currency, and to protect themselves from the elements of the sea;
  • The jarls or Viking earls: their bracelets were real works of art. Made by the best jewelers and artists, these jewels were the symbol of their sovereignty. They allowed them to prosper in their reign, and gave them Odin's protection against the deviousness of their enemies.

Womens Wolf Bracelets: the badge of the Viking women!

Womens Wolf Bracelets are mainly made of precious materials (gold, silver or bronze). The reason for this is that these so-called "pure" materials were supposed to bring the charm, grace, and beauty of the goddess Freya to Viking women.

The wolf bracelet has, in addition to this divine aspect, a meaning that few know. It represents the emblem of the circle that symbolizes in Viking culture the sacred link that connects everything to the gods, and immortalizes the Viking marriage.

Like the alpha female of a wolf pack, the Viking woman is the pillar of Viking society. The bracelet was a reminder of the importance of the Viking woman to anyone who dared to forget her!

Like men, women's bracelets could be forged from a variety of materials. Each had its own particularity and specificity:

  • Beaded bracelets for women: Amber, which is used to make pearls, is extracted from the bottom of the Scandinavian seas. This material should accentuate the spiritual strength of the lucky person who wears it. That's why the pearl bracelets were found during the Viking ceremonies, brought by the village magicians;
  • Leather and textile bracelets: This type of bracelet was the most widespread. Very strong, it had to be blessed by the village magician in order to obtain the same powers as the silver bracelets.

Silver wolf bracelets : the ultimate viking jewel !

The icy land of the Vikings, despite its deceptive appearances, abounds in precious metals, especially silver. This radiant, shining and dazzling material is inseparably linked to "MĂĄni", the god of the moon according to Viking culture.

The silver wolf bracelets express a powerful symbolism: this pure metal, reflecting the nature of the deity that inspires it, is fully integrated into the cycle of renewal.

In Viking mythology, the god of the moon "Måni" and his sister "Sol", goddess of the sun, are pursued by two giant wolves, sons of the terrible Fenrir. This pursuit, which will last almost an eternity, will only end with the arrival of Ragnarök. This cataclysm will indicate that the two wolves will finally manage to catch up with the sun and the moon, and will proceed to swallow them up.

If this event seems to mark the end of time, in reality, the concept of end does not exist in the Viking culture. Indeed, just before their death Sol and Måni will give birth to a new star of light, originally the rebirth of the new world after the Ragnarök.

Thus, the silver wolf bracelets symbolize this link between destruction and rebirth. They bring together all the elements of the very recurrent theme in Viking and Norse mythology that is the cycle of infinite renewal.

The wolf, symbol of destruction and rebirth

If the wolf is a symbol frequently found in Viking jewelry, it is not without reason. Its importance can be seen in the precision and detail in the making of Viking wolf bracelets. But what does the wolf symbolize, and what mythical creatures does it represent?

There is no doubt that the most powerful wolf in Viking mythology is Fenrir, the terrible wolf of destruction. The child of the god of mischief, Loki, and an evil ice giant, he wreaks havoc wherever he goes. However, even if he is said to trigger the end of time, Fenrir is not in reality an evil being as he is portrayed.

It is important to know that the concept of good and evil does not really exist in the Viking culture. Everything evolves according to a cycle of end and rebirth. Thus, Fenrir is only the incarnation of the destruction and the end of all things. During the Ragnarök, he joins forces with his father Loki to fight the gods of Asgard.

During this prophetic battle, Fenrir will kill the all powerful God Odin. This prediction perpetuates the Viking spirit and reinforces the symbolism of the wolf, since :

  • The wolf is one of the legendary emblems of Odin, god of the dead and of war. He is a bloodthirsty animal who knows no mercy for his enemies. He protects the Vikings, but is also a scavenger who cleans the battlefields of the remains of the fallen;god of the dead and of war. He is a bloodthirsty animal who knows no mercy for his enemies. He protects the Vikings, but is also a scavenger who cleans the battlefields of the remains of the fallen;
  • The valkyries, goddesses of war and servants of the god Odin, ride wolves to earth. They watch the Viking battles and choose only the most valiant warriors to deserve the honor of eating at the same table as Odin in Valhalla;
  • Odin is accompanied by two giant wolves "Geri" and "Freki", powerful creatures who protect him and watch over his throne during his absence.

Thus, the death of Odin by the jaws of a wolf honors this Viking symbol, and proves its importance. It immortalizes the Norse concept that everything is destined to come to an end and then be reborn in a new light.

What better accessory than a bracelet to carry the values of the mighty Viking wolves? Discover without further delay our collection of Viking Wolf bracelets, spiritually charged accessories that you must have!