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Make your look scream with our wolf ring collection!

Don't you want to be inspired by our Nordic ancestor down to the smallest detail? Clothing and accessories are not enough for you anymore, you need to have the Viking style stuck to your skin? Our wolf rings collection is here for you!

If you want to wear an important animal of the Nordic mythology, it is definitely towards the wolf that you should turn. You will be able to take advantage of his strength and you will be as respected as him by your peers. In Norse mythology, many legendary stories are present around wolves. These animals have been both companions and enemies of men. Be as strong as Fenrir or defend the god Odin as Geri and Freki.

Wearing a ring around your finger is also a way of showing that you belong to the Viking community. That of the Nordic raiders, feared by all Europe. Show your attachment to the Viking people thanks to the wolf jewelry. But thanks to it you will especially make your look pass in another dimension. The levels of detail and design of our products are impressive. You will not be disappointed when you receive your ring!

By using one of our rings you will be able to enjoy an exceptional quality of product. Indeed, our craftsmen make the jewelry themselves. The particularity of their work is that they do everything by hand. This allows us to offer you a wolf ring of impeccable quality. The craftsmen take great care in each product they create, and it is you who benefit from it!


The best wolf rings for men and women


Show your power and might with a man wolf ring around your finger. The ancient Vikings did this and had no problem. Today, we offer you the best wolf rings for men.

So why not you? If Norse mythology inspires you, go even further with a piece of jewelry on your body.

A thousand years ago, Vikings jewelry had a certain importance. Indeed, those who had it around their neck, wrist and finger were people with important social status. You too must show that you are an important man.

And what better way to do that than with a ring? Both discreet and brilliant, this accessory is bound to be noticed by those around you. And when you see the beautiful wolves that are present on our models, there is something to dream about! The design concepts and the many colors present offer you a varied choice as to the jewel you wish to have.

Viking Heritage offers you the best womens wolf ring. The finishes are impeccable and the designs are tailored to fit male fingers. You can therefore be sure to remove your jewel when necessary. Of course, the biggest fans will be able to keep it every day because the size is perfectly adapted.


The silver wolf rings


There are many models of rings. On Viking Heritage, you can find jewels in stainless steel but also in sterling silver.

By choosing sterling silver, you will have an incredible wolf ring on your finger. People who know you will compliment your Viking look with this kind of jewelry. Even people who don't know you will notice that you're wearing something beautiful. Plus, it will show that you are a respected for our Viking ancestor. You are not afraid of fighting and raiding and that is why you are an important member of your community.

Show your taste for beautiful objects with a silver wolf ring. The combination of this material and this animal will make the ring on your finger a beautiful piece of jewelry. The wolf will howl and show its strength, while being classy and neat. If there is one animal from Norse mythology that can benefit from the beauty of sterling silver it is the wolf, isn't it?

Our sterling silver wolf ring is 92.5% pure. Our craftsmen take great care in making this kind of object. Please understand that a processing time of one to five days is necessary to achieve a certain quality of product.

At Viking Heritage, we want you to be completely satisfied with your ring. That's why we do everything we can to provide you with an exceptional product.


Wolf head rings: express your strength


In Norse mythology, the wolf is a ferocious animal. Its power and strength have made many people tremble. If you want to be as strong as a wolf, you will have to wear a wolf head ring!

It is by displaying its head that you will be able to stand beside it, as your companion. Its qualities will stand out on you and you will feel stronger than ever!

Adopt the strength and power of Fenrir, the most powerful of the Nordic wolves! Everyone will fear you when they see this jewel on your finger. Be as fierce as our models, including the one covering the top of the ring, ready to attack his enemies! The god of destruction will leave nothing in his path. If you look closely, the details on this ring are quite accurate, making for a beautiful piece to wear.

The wolf's head ring with its mask-like appearance will show its power in a more subtle way but will be just as effective. This product does not look like a ring and that is what makes it a unique item to have around your finger.

Overall, to show that you have the same strength as a wolf, get one that is big enough and makes the wolf stand out. Its size will be intense and everyone will respect you. A ring with a wolf's head on it screams completely fits this bill, as well as being a great item.


The wolf signet rings with subtle details


Wearing a ring is an art and we know it. That's why our collection includes wolf signet ring.

But more than just signet rings, it's the exceptional level of detail in each model that's important. For example, the Hati wolf howl signet ring is impressive. The wolf's coat is perfectly reproduced, as well as the forest environment in which it evolves. The setting is beautiful and the detail goes as far as the play of colors with the gold of the wolf, referring to Skoll, the other son of Fenrir.

To have such a high level of detail, you can opt for the Viking signet ring Fenrir's claw. All the strength of the wolf is present in this ring, in addition to being a rather pretty piece of jewelry. We should also not forget all the models of signet rings and rings, reminding with style the wolf of the Vikings.

Many models of wolf ring include runes, for example. These important characters involve a great deal of design work. The runic letters and symbols are the perfect accompaniment to the wolf.

Adopt a wolf signet ring to be a true Viking. If you think about it, the wolf is an animal that lives in the cold, so it is completely associated with the Nordics. Put on a wolf signet ring and harness all its power for your daily life. Be the leader of the pack and move forward! Achieve your goals and let the power in you howl!


The wolves of Norse mythology


Within the Nordic mythology, some wolves are present. They are at the heart of legendary stories.

The most famous of the Viking wolves is undoubtedly Fenrir. He is the son of Loki, the god of mischief and the giantess Angrboda. Jormungandr and Hel are his brother and sister respectively, which shows his importance.

When he was born, Fenrir was not a wolf like the others. The Aesir gods understood this and decided to raise him themselves. This was to prevent him from wreaking havoc in the 9 Nordic worlds. But very quickly, his growth is impressive, so much so that the gods begin to fear him. Little by little the wolf becomes gigantic and more and more aggressive towards the gods. Only Tyr, the god of heaven and just war, still dares to feed him.

Finally the Aesir gods decided to chain him, in order to prevent the prophecy that he would destroy the world. The first two attempts, in the form of challenges, are unsuccessful as Fenrir manages to free himself. A magical bond, the strongest ever constructed up to that point, called Gleipnir, is made for the third attempt. This time, Fenrir is suspicious and asks a god to place his hand in his mouth as a sign of good faith. Only Tyr has the courage to accept. The wolf is then tied up and tears Tyr's hand from his arm.

Clinging to a rock and with a sword constantly opening his mouth, Fenrir will free himself during the Ragnarok, event corresponding to the end of the world. Giants and creatures like Fenrir will then fight the Aesir gods. Devouring everything in his path, the wolf will succeed in killing Odin, the most powerful of the gods. Fenrir will finally be avenged by Vidar, Odin's son and god of vengeance.

But Fenrir is not the only wolf in Norse mythology.

There are for example the Managarm. Meaning "wolves of the moon" in the Nordic language, they are monstrous creatures, direct descendants of Fenrir and the giantess Angrboda. Fierce and savage, these wolves take the lives of the dying and feed on the flesh of the dead. The most famous Managram representatives are Skoll (for Repulsion) and Hati (for Hate).

They respectively pursue the Sun and the Moon, who are placed on chariots following each other relentlessly. This quest will be completed during the Raganarok. They will succeed in swallowing their respective targets and will sprinkle the sky and the throne of the gods with blood. A Norse prophecy tells of this moment: "They shall devour the stars, gorge themselves on the flesh of men promised to die, and scatter their blood throughout the universe. Then in the summers that follow, the sun will be veiled in black and the winds will rage in terrible storms".

The most famous monster wolves in Norse mythology are Fenrir, Skoll and Hati. If the first one causes the end of the world, he is still respected because he is very strong. He is the one who managed to kill Odin, the most powerful god. These 3 creatures are also called varg in Norse mythology.

If wolves in Norse mythology are seen as bad creatures, these varg are for many. There are two more wolves in Viking legends, this time on the side of the deities.

Odin has many animals. For example, he can ride Sleipnir, a horse with 8 legs. This animal can move above the sea and in the air. It is the mount of the god of knowledge, war and the dead. But this one also had wolves. It is moreover associated with this animal, considered to feed on the corpses present on the battlefield.

Geri and Freki are indeed the wolves of Odin. The 1871 treatise on Scandinavian mythology explains that their names mean respectively greedy and violent. But the most common meaning attributed to them is voracious. In Valhalla, Odin feeds his wolves, while he is content to drink only wine. His two wolves are thus representatives of the divine functions that Odin possesses: war and death.

Put on a Viking ring now and tell your favorite Viking wolf story!