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Discover our collection of Viking rings!

The collection of Viking rings that we offer you is unique, impregnated in each of its aspects with the Nordic culture. They will not be simple Viking rings that you will wear, but real masterpieces that will transmit all the power of the Vikings.

The Viking jewelry in our collections are unique and forged in the same Nordic spirit as the originals. Each of the Viking rings in our collections carries an extract of the soul of the Viking civilization. They inspire the same strength and energy as those from the Viking era.

Made from quality materials, easy to care for and revisited in a modern style, these rings have everything you need to please. There's no better way to complete your everyday look than with a mystical, antique touch.

You've often heard Vikings described as bloodthirsty barbarians with no manners or culture. Contrary to what you have been led to believe, the Nordic civilization is very much connected to art. This love for art is expressed through their jewelry, especially Viking rings.

The best mens Viking rings


Viking Rings | Viking Heritage


Viking warriors, wearing a ring will allow you to display all the strength of the gods and creatures of Norse mythology. We know how important it is for you to be as strong as possible. For this, Viking Heritage offers all the know-how of its craftsmen in this field. Their work gives the jewel an incredible power. Thus, men who wear a Viking ring can use it in their daily life. Indeed, whether it is for work, leisure or sport, a Nordic rings gives the necessary determination to face all the obstacles and challenges that come before you.

Do not be afraid of anything if you wear a Viking snake ring for example. This one will protect you from all the dangers that surround you. You will not have to worry anymore because the strength of Thor and the power of Odin will be in your hands. Be confident and move in the right direction with your men Viking ring. When in doubt, look at it for a moment to get off on the right foot and accomplish all your projects.

Mens Viking rings are also a certain declaration of love given to your beloved. Show your love with one of our many rings. So, by giving a ring to your sweetheart, you will be able to wear a ring with a viking bracelet in turn and show your love for her. Having a Viking ring around your finger gives a couple the opportunity to proudly display the values of the Nordic culture: respect, fidelity and love.

Show your elegance with a women Viking rings

Valkyries, wearing a ring is something strong. It proves your attachment and commitment to a man. Our viking wedding rings finally represents your couple. It must therefore be as beautiful as possible. Viking Heritage makes every effort to offer you women Viking rings and signet rings of superior quality. For this purpose, many models are available like the tree of life rings in our Viking store. Whether it is a Viking symbol, a creature, an animal or anything else, you can choose from many pieces with different meanings.

If you are not committed, there is nothing to stop you from wearing a woman's Viking ring. Show your taste for the Nordic people and be ready for anything. Our jewelry will allow you to awaken the warrior in you. Lagertha will inhabit you and you will feel like a valkyrie, able to take on any challenge that comes her way. Take confidence in yourself and enjoy the ability of jewelry to transcend its wearer. All your projects and goals can be achieved if you wear a ring around your finger.

The main advantage of the women viking rings is that it allows you to be worn on any occasion. Whether it's to give you the strength you need during your work day or to make you look good at a party with your friends, our jewelry will be an important part of an outfit. You're sure to look great from head to toe.

The beauty of a silver viking ring

The beauty of a ring sometimes lies in more than just its design. The choice of a color or a material can turn a piece of jewelry into a true work of art. Silver is one of the most beautiful materials in jewelry. It is a perfect match for rings, necklaces and bracelets. So enjoy the beauty of a silver Viking ring without delay.

The color silver offers a multiplicity of designs and different designs. First of all, all colors can be combined with the gray of the silver. Secondly, whether it is a dragon, a Viking symbol or an animal, anything can be designed with this material. The Vikings were well aware of this and that's why they liked to take silver when they plundered England and the rest of Europe. But the designs can then be very varied, being a very classic ring, completely surrounding the finger, or a more original jewel, with shapes and elements of the Viking culture. Our store offers a wide and varied choice of silver viking ring.

Whether in silver or other materials, our craftsmen make every effort to offer the best quality product possible. The materials are selected with method and care in order not to have a bad product. The resistance to shocks and time is one of the priorities of Viking Heritage. All of our rings are subject to strict validation conditions to ensure the reliability of the product.

Why not a viking wolf ring?

In Viking mythology several animals and creatures count. This is the case for example of the wolf, which is present on many occasions. For the Vikings, this animal is a synonym for fighting spirit.

If you want to showcase these qualities to the people you come in contact with, discover the Viking wolf ring collection without further ado. Not only will it make you look good, but it's a great piece of jewelry to have on your finger. The level of detail of our products will allow you to notice the Persian and determined look of the wolf.

So, don't lose sight of your goals and don't spread yourself thin by wearing a wolf viking ring. The wolf is an animal symbol of strength and courage. Nothing scares it. This animal is also a symbol of the desire for freedom. Show all your desire for freedom by having a wolf ring on your finger. If he does not travel in a pack, he is alone. In the first case the wolf is seen as the one who protects his family and the members of the pack. This is why many people like to display the wolf to show that they can protect their loved ones.

The Viking wolf ring will also suit those who enjoy stories about Fenrir, the giant wolf who wreaks havoc during the battle of Raganarok. The resulting fear of Fenrir ultimately makes the whole thing intriguing and makes you want to know more.

Build your strength with a Viking dragon ring

The dragon is probably one of the most fascinating creatures in the world. In the Nordic culture, several stories alluding to dragons exist. They have even inspired writers and directors around the world. If you love this creature, why not pay homage to it by discovering our Viking Dragon Ring collection?

Show off all the power and strength that lies within you by wearing a beautiful dragon jewel. Viking Heritage offers you to wear several rings representing important dragons of the Nordic mythology. Nidhogg or the serpent Jormungandr (sometimes considered as a dragon) are notably present in our store. If your desires of size are important, the model representing the Jormungandr will suit you perfectly. This snake surrounds the Earth with its extremely long body. On the other hand, Nidhogg wishes to see the world fall into chaos and devours the roots of the Yggdrasil, the world tree of the Viking culture. If you're the kind of person who strikes his or her opponents ferociously as Nidhogg indicates, this is the ring for you.

Many models of viking dragon ring are available in our store. They will all allow you to advance with courage and determination in your projects and to make them a reality. Burn the obstacles that come into your life and don't let them get you down! Moreover, wearing such an object, you will feel safe and secure and will have the feeling of being protected by the strength of the dragon.

A tree of life ring to be at the center of Viking culture

Paying homage to the Viking culture by wearing a tree of life ring is quite possible. Such a design will be original and you will stand out among all your friends with a ring. Representing both the world and life, the Yggdrasil is a central element of Norse mythology. The Vikings have great admiration for it.

By wearing a tree of life ring, you place yourself at the center of Viking culture. Your tree of life jewelry will ultimately make you as important as the Yggdrasil itself. A Viking Heritage Ring will make you feel confident and secure. Be the guardian of life and keep the peace in the 9 worlds of Viking mythology by wearing one of our jewels around your finger.

Between a haven of peace and a dark world, the world tree is ultimately a space of struggle between creative and destructive forces. Stay as powerful as this element and prevent everything around you from falling into chaos. Whether it's a ring or a signet ring, there is bound to be a model reminiscent of the Yggdrasil that will suit you.

What is the meaning of the Viking rings?

Viking rings have several meanings among the Vikings. First of all, even if the Nordic warriors seem to be simply people who love war and violence, this is not the case. The Vikings are a people who also love beautiful things and jewelry is one of them. It is not for nothing that they left to conquer the lands of Eastern and Western Europe. For women and men, wearing rings was an opportunity to show off their beauty and elegance among the population.

Viking rings were also a sign of social status. Indeed, the most important members of the Nordic tribes and villages wore jewelry to show their superiority. The ring was no exception to this rule and was therefore also worn in this sense. Men showed their power over others while women could show off with real dresses and beautiful jewelry. The latter passed on their jewelry to their children from generation to generation, ensuring that the whole family would be the most radiant of all.

Finally, a ring was a way for the Vikings to pay homage to their deities and important members of their mythology. For Odin, Thor and Freya were important to them and had to be worshipped at all times. The presence of the ring around the finger made it possible to have a thought for a deity whenever the wearer wished. It also allowed the owner of the ring to have all their power during the fights he led.