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Find the best Viking Hats on Viking Heritage !

To accompany you during the summer or any other season, we offer you our collection of Viking hats. It's another way to show your appreciation for the Nordic culture.

First, you can pay homage to the Vikings in Valhalla with the Valknut cap. In Germanic languages, these 3 intertwined triangles mean "knot of the fallen". It has a deep connection with the god Odin and evokes the liberation of the soul. You can therefore be perfectly at ease in the presence of this symbol.

The Vegvisir was used for protection and guidance. A raider wearing this symbol would not get lost in the storms and bad weather, even if he did not know its direction. So don't be afraid of the sun with a cap like this.

Our caps come in authentic designs, either simple and classic or military to remind you of the warrior spirit of the Vikings. Whichever model you choose, they all feature the runic circle, symbolizing Viking magic. So embrace these powers over your head.