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Silver Viking Bracelet

Who hasn't dreamed of inspirational Viking look right down to the wrist? It's now possible with our collection of silver Viking bracelets!

A wide range of symbols available


Silver Viking Bracelet | Viking Heritage

The Viking Heritage store aims to meet all your desires. We really want to develop a diversified offer of silver viking bracelet in solid silver or stainless steel.

The snake is an animal that is present in many mythologies. In that of the Nordic and Iceland, there is one of great importance. Jormungand is a gigantic sea serpent, which encircles Midgard, the world of humans. It is therefore also known as the Midgard snake.

Other animals have their place in our store. Geri and Freki have an important role in the mythology. They are indeed the protective wolves of Odin, who represent the functions of the gods of death and war. To stay on this animal, a wolf bracelet Hati and Skoll can represent the sons of Fenrir and the giantess Iarnvidia. They are part of the family of monstrous wolves of Managarm.

Hugin and Mudin are the two messenger ravens. They report what they have seen and heard in the 9 worlds.

As for the symbols, you won't be left out either. Several models that represent the Triksel will allow you to display the elements of earth, water and fire. In addition to this lucky symbol, the famous Yggdrasil is also available.

As you can see, whether it is to please yourself or to give a gift to your loved ones, the silver Viking bracelet is an essential for a well-groomed Viking look.

Quality materials

All of the collections that are present in our store are made by hand. This choice allows our craftsmen to apply the best possible quality when processing the object. They apply themselves and give the best of themselves! The treatment of a Viking bracelet takes 1 day in the best of cases. But be aware that it can also take 5 days, everything is done on a case by case basis. We do our utmost to offer you a good product, which corresponds to you, all quickly.

Why do we choose to offer you such a quality product? We truly believe that our craftsmen offer the best possible product with each of their creations. Viking Heritage works with people who do a very professional and high quality job.