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Discover our collection of Viking bracelets!

Who says Viking says bracelet! When we think of the famous Scandinavian warriors and travelers, we think of their wonderful viking jewelry, worn around the neck, on the hands and near the wrist.

Our Viking bracelet collection contains many different designs. There is something for every Viking in you. Pay homage to the Nordic traditions by wearing a bracelet!

If the Vikings are a people known for their numerous raids on Europe, they could also create very beautiful pieces. Their forges allowed them to create real jewelry, in addition to making their traditional tools and weapons. Viking Heritage offers you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful Viking arm ring. Whether you are a man or a woman, show your attachment to the Nordic culture and mythology with one of our Viking jewelry around your wrist. Bring style to any of your outfits with a Viking leather bracelet. Of course you can decide to have something unique with our Ragnar Lothbrok bracelet directly inspired by the Vikings series.

All our Viking bracelets are handmade by our craftsmen. Our partners apply themselves to propose an exceptional quality of product. They meticulously respect all the details that are present on the bracelets. In addition to having a product in accordance with what you expect, Viking Heritage guarantees you an outstanding solidity. The jewelry received is made of resistant materials. Its solidity against shocks and its resistance to time are thus completely guaranteed. With our Viking bracelets, you can be sure to keep it for many years.

A collection of mens Viking bracelet inspired by Norse mythology

If you want to have a Viking bracelet that brings out your masculine side, you've come to the right place! Our store has designs that allow you to assert your strength and character. Mens Viking bracelets are for those who are fearless and can go on adventures without fear.

The Vikings were strong and particularly virile men. Their way of life may not be possible today, but being as powerful as them still is. By getting a norse arm ring you will have the opportunity to be as strong as a Northern European warrior. Enjoy a wide range of different designs, from the classic silver bracelet and sobriety to more developed and original models.

Indeed, our wolf and snake bracelets are always connected to the Scandinavian culture. Moreover, all our jewelry is adapted to the size of your wrists. Some of them can be completely adjusted as you wish while others can easily be adapted to larger sizes.

Viking Heritage is committed to providing the best jewelry possible. Every effort is made to bring you the best product possible. Shine among the men around you, bring out your masculinity and attract the women around you. Our bracelets associate with a viking ring will give you the power of attraction and people around you will only see this beautiful item around your wrist.

Women Viking bracelets with subtle details

Just because Viking bracelets are meant to represent the full strength of the Viking people does not mean they are rushed and undeveloped. Our designs are both visible and elegant jewelry. Everything is done so that at least one of the many models will please you.

That is why it is possible to find women Viking bracelets. These are recognizable because they are full of details of all kinds. They take up and pay homage to the stories, creatures and animals that have made the popularity of Scandinavian mythology. These jewels will bring a touch of style, fantasy and originality to outfits that are sometimes all alike. Shine among your peers and let the warrior in you shine through!

Pay homage to the Nordic gods and beliefs and be the equal of man with our beautiful jewelry. The bracelets, whether in silver, leather or any other material, will be true works of art to be worn near your hands. For example a tree of life bracelet will accentuate the qualities of both, giving an incredible style.

Ladies, if you want to be strong and independent like Lagertha, you just have to discover the Lagertha Viking bracelets. Finally, our store also allows Viking couples to be in total harmony with each other regarding their passion!

Enjoy the unique design of our silver viking bracelets

A bracelet must be a jewel that highlights you. That's why our collection contains silver viking bracelets. This color is emblematic of beautiful hand-forged jewelry. If you want to have the purest and most traditional design possible, the silver viking bracelet is the one to go for!

The design of this type of bracelet is based on 925 sterling silver. This means that it is 92.5% pure, which ensures that you have real silver around your wrist. Beauty and quality coexist to give our silver Viking bracelets the best possible look. Don't worry about the weight as our jewelry is all quite light, allowing you to wear it without even realizing you put it on that morning.

All of our bracelets are handcrafted by our artisans. This allows us to have an object designed as closely as possible to what Nordic men and women wore over a thousand years ago. Moreover, making the bracelets by hand allows us to faithfully reproduce the quality and details of each piece of jewelry in our store. For this, a processing time of between 1 and 5 days is necessary.

As a result, you will have a unique silver viking bracelet of superior quality!

Test the strength of our leather viking bracelets

At Viking Heritage, we know that you want bracelets that are strong and will last over time. Viking leather bracelets are the perfect answer to this demand. Indeed, since the dawn of time, the qualities of this material have been praised all over the world.

We are aware that silver models do not appeal to everyone. Leather is also very nice when it is highlighted. The bracelets in our store are made with real leather, which offers the most beautiful rendering. While strength is the main characteristic of this material, it is still very nice to wear around the wrist. Accentuate your Viking imprint and be as brave as the Nordic people with such a piece of jewelry hanging close to the hand. Its characteristic color will be noticed by the people around you and compliments will soon fall in.

Our leather Viking bracelets can be combined with other materials like silver or stainless steel. They also take on different shapes like runes or paying homage to a certain symbol like the Yggdrasil or Thor's hammer. Moreover, our collection contains certain types of bracelets, particularly elegant to see and to wear.

The best wolf bracelets

Vikings are linked to animals through their mythology. If you want to pay tribute to them, a collection dedicated to wolf bracelets is for example a good idea.

The wolf has both positive and negative sides for the Vikings. In mythology, the most famous animal of this type is Fenrir. He was a gigantic wolf, son of Loki and the giantess Angrboda, who managed to defeat Odin, the most important god, in the final battle of Ragnarok. He was gigantic in size, so if you feel like you're up to Fenrir's standards, choose a wolf bracelet. Other wolves like Geri and Freki or Hati and Skoll are also represented in our store.

This animal is not only frowned upon by the Nordic people. Some mythological stories tell us that the wolf was a sacred animal. The wolf was seen as a symbol of strength, courage and loyalty. There is no doubt that wearing such a jewel around your wrist will give you the strength you need to face all your challenges. Giving a wolf bracelet to someone you care about will prove your loyalty. Do not hesitate to make this gift because our choice is varied.

The wolf and its pack are also a symbol of protection and the art of war. If these qualities also represent the qualities of a Viking to you, you know that you just have to put on such a jewel.

Have an incredible strength with the viking dragon bracelet

The dragon is another important creature in Norse mythology. Many historical stories include a dragon. It is the symbol par excellence of the Nordic warriors. Indeed, dragon heads were carved on the front of the ships. The dragon is a creature symbol of strength and power, serving to intimidate the opponent. A dragon bracelet will allow you to do the same in the face of all obstacles that stand in your way. Put on this jewel and fly away to achieve your goals.

In Nordic history, there is for example the story of the dragon Fafnir. It represents a dwarf, thirsty for his treasure, who takes the form of a dragon to protect it. This story obviously echoes that of the dragon Smaug in The Hobbit, who protects the gold of the mountain. So if you feel you can protect what is yours, proudly wear a Viking dragon bracelet.

But it also echoes the dragon Nidhogg who lives at the foot of Yggdrasil. He devours the roots of Yggdrasil, the tree of life on which the Viking world is based. Despite his intention to plunge the world into chaos, he is the guardian of the source from which the 11 rivers of Elivagar flow. This makes him a protective creature of what is dear to him. Sometimes the snake Jormungandr is described as a dragon, proof of its greatness and importance. One of our models shows the creature biting its own tail.

Viking arm ring meaning 

When the Vikings dominated Northern Europe, they wore a lot of jewelry on them. And among the rings and necklaces, the Viking arm ring was widely used.

This type of jewelry was used primarily to pay tribute to the deities and all the beliefs of their mythology. Odin, Thor or Freya were for example very important gods for the Viking populations. The men wore them to show their love and devotion to their civilization. Not to have it could be synonymous with betrayal.

But the bracelet was not just an object of belonging or worship. It was much more than that. For both men and women, the bracelet allowed them to display a certain social status. Gentlemen could display their dominance over their tribe with beautiful jewelry. Ladies appreciated having beautiful jewelry to look beautiful. The most important women of the clan had to have beautiful bracelets because it was the way to distinguish themselves from the other women of the Vikings. They had to be the most beautiful women. The bracelets allowed them to reach this level of beauty. Moreover, these jewels were transmitted from generation to generation, making the objects even more meaningful.

Finally, despite everything, the bracelet could be used in the form of barter. But this was rare given the importance of the bracelet. When it was exchanged, the person received an object of high value, proof of its great worth.