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Discover our collection of Snake necklaces

The snake is an animal that is in the news. Seen in a good or bad light, it is present on many objects, jewelry and clothing. Viking Heritage offers in its store a unique collection of snake necklaces. We know all the attractions for this emblematic animal. That is why our teams have worked to create different snake pendants. Our craftsmen work daily to reproduce and offer as faithfully as possible the pieces you can see in our store. Because at Viking Heritage, everything is handmade with passion.

As our team strives to provide a high quality collection, the result is many pieces available for necklace and snake lovers. Whether it's a model that pays homage to the mythical creature of the Jormungandr or a more discreet design, take advantage of the virtues and qualities of this very special animal. Be sure not to go unnoticed among all your loved ones with a snake necklace around your neck.

Take advantage of all the know-how of our partners with necklaces designed in gold, silver or with Swarovski crystals. To shine among your entourage or to add a pretty snake jewel to your outfit, there is inevitably a product that suits you. Give your look a new dimension with a Viking Heritage snake necklace. And make it last with jewelry that stands the test of time and impact.

A gold snake chain necklace to shine among others

Shine with the length of the snake is possible with our collection. Gold is a sought-after material for men because it enhances any outfit and color. Add the right touch to your top with a gold snake chain necklace. Anyone who looks at it will be completely blinded by such beauty.

Whether it's for a man or a woman, the Viking necklace will give a real boost to t-shirts, dresses, hoodies and other tops, both in winter and summer. People you meet, in your personal or professional circle, will compliment you and probably ask you where you got such a marvel.

Multiple creations of our craftsmen are available in this collection. This is the case of the discreet snake necklace. The animal then takes the shape of the jewel and really wraps itself around the neck. But don't worry, this object will be a real good luck charm, to have with you every day. The hanging snake necklace will suit those who have their head in the clouds. Like a sloth in the trees, this jewel will allow you to dream and enjoy a pendant with an impressive color. It is also possible to wear the motif of a mythical snake: the cobra. The royal cobra necklace in gold is beautiful and will suit those who love exuberant jewelry.

Make people around you drool with a silver snake necklace

The other favorite material of jewelers is silver. Our craftsmen particularly appreciate handling it because it combines a neat design, a certain comfort as well as a good resistance to the various shocks which can be undergone. These will not be visible through time, for your greatest pleasure.

The Viking Heritage silver snake necklace collection allows you to enjoy jewelry that you will not be able to do without. Be sure to enjoy the snake as a symbol. One of the most famous is the ouroboros, which is ultimately just a snake eating its own tail. This element represents eternity and the perpetual restarting of life. When the animal is coiled on itself, it is referred to as spiritual growth. Thus, wearing a silver snake necklace when a personal or professional change comes into your life is a good way to attract good vibes.

A multitude of silver necklaces are available to display your attraction to the snake. For example, you can find the snake spirit necklace, designed for women. This pendant contains 92.5% pure sterling silver, which will make you shine. The silver ouroboros model is designed for Viking men. Ranging in length from 46 to 71 cm, be prepared to feel the presence of the snake around your neck. In addition, our collection includes a model called flexible, which allows you to adjust it to the morphology of the body. A great advantage to modulate it according to your desires.

Wear a snake chain necklace around your neck

Having jewelry on your body finally allows you to show all your beauty to the people around you. The Vikings were particularly fond of jewels and it is for this reason that they used to raid all over Europe with their longships. Viking women liked to wear jewelry because it showed the other women of the tribe their power and importance.

By wearing a snake necklace, you will ultimately show the power you have to those around you. Don't show people that you are weak. Be the confident person who makes the right decisions and has their destiny in control. The idea of the snake shedding its skin ultimately shows you that it is important to let go of the past and focus on the present. As a spirit animal, the snake will follow you to point you in the right direction when necessary. Putting on a snake chain necklace will ultimately help you achieve your goals no matter what.

Also, don't be afraid to show off your Nordic look around the neck. The Vikings were warriors who, through legends of all kinds, frightened the various tribes of Europe located further south. Like an ancient Viking, choose the model you like best and display it proudly. From the minimalist model, the hanging snake, to the more explicit one, the skull snake model, have a snake to accompany you every day.

Opt for a snake pendant necklace

If the snake pendant necklace is part of the Viking wardrobe, this is due to Norse mythology. Indeed, in it is told the story of the snake of Midgard or Jormungandr. It is the son of Loki, god of malice and the giantess Angrboda. The story goes that shortly after the creature was born, Odin, aware of the danger it represented, threw it into the sea of the world of Midgard. Prophecies said that Jormungandr would bring about the destruction of the gods. Unfortunately, the snake grew so fast that it ended up surrounding the world and biting its own tail. During the final battle of Ragnarok, the Midgard serpent will fight with the giants. It will be killed by Thor, who will succumb to the venom from the creature's bite.

On Viking Heritage, several snake necklaces celebrate this famous creature. The Midgard design has a polished copper chain, which gives a beautiful gold tone. The Jormungandr design, which is made of stainless steel, is more faithful to the representation of the snake with scales. Our craftsmen did not limit themselves to this kind of products. Indeed, the snake mesh necklaces are popular jewelry. The combination of the snake and the mesh gives very creative associations. This is the case for example of the black snake necklace. Like the others, this one is handmade by our partners, and benefit from all the necessary attention. This is also the case for the Scandinavian snake necklace whose chain is customizable.

A snake necklace: a jewel for both men and women

The big advantage of the snake necklace is that it can be worn by both women and men. In fact, even though the different pieces that are developed can be exclusively for men or women, some of the collection is unisex.

This is the ideal opportunity to offer the jewel to someone who is important to you. But it's also the time to treat yourself. Ladies, the necklace has a neat design that you will particularly like. This creation clutches more than the other models, offering some variety in the collection. In addition, you will have the choice with the black spirit necklace, which contains a beautiful shiny stone in the middle of the animal. What to bring the subtle touch that will make the difference.

Conversely, the torque necklace can be worn by men or women. Its particularity is that it does not completely surround the neck to leave room for dragons. The snake cross pendant is offered in gold, silver or a classic black. Gentlemen, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a large part of the collection since many necklaces are unisex. Take this chance to stand out from the crowd.

You should know that our craftsmen do everything to offer high quality products. You understand that it is important to allow the necessary time to create such jewelry. Allow 1 to 5 days for processing before your necklace can be sent.

The Swarovski snake necklace to complete the collection

In addition to the above choices, Viking Heritage offers snake necklaces with Swarovski crystals. The rhinestones, which can be the asset of an outfit, are therefore present on the jewelry. Associating the length of an animal like the snake and Swarovski crystals is finally a very good idea.

Both loved and hated, the snake is an animal that is the talk of the town. If you want to attract the crowds, no doubt that the association with rhinestones will work wonderfully. Ladies, shine among those around you while opting for a style that will be truly stunning and pleasing to the eye. Your friends and loved ones will ask you where such jewelry is available. Take the plunge and team up with the snake to make a splash around you.

Finally, don't forget that rhinestones are used sparingly. You have to be careful not to overdo it because it could have the opposite effect. Obviously if you appreciate the bling bling side, you can play on this element.

Why offer a snake chain to your loved ones?

What if the snake necklace wasn't meant for you but rather for someone close to you? Among your entourage, there is inevitably someone who likes the Viking culture and other elements that are close to it, such as animals. The idea of a snake necklace is interesting because it stands out from traditional Viking jewelry. Make a statement and give a beautiful snake chain to the one you love.

In addition to the original side, offering a snake necklace is finally showing your attachment to the Earth and therefore to life. As the snake crawls on the ground, we finally connect it to the earth and more particularly to the goddess Gaia. She has a pair of snakes wrapped around her sacred staff, like the Caduceus. This mythical attribute, used by the god Hermes, is useful for healing snake bites. Moreover, the snake is a symbol of change and rebirth because of its moult. It is a process of shedding and renewal of the skin that makes it completely unique from other animals.

If your sister, brother, cousin or any other loved one loves animals, choosing the snake will allow you to think outside the box and offer a piece that is very pleasing to the eye and to the touch. Don't hesitate any longer and choose the model that you like the most in our store. Order and admire the stars in the eyes of the person to whom you offer it.