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About Us

Viking Heritage was founded after realizing that Viking culture is never told in its pure form but rather in relation to other cultures. Movies and television shows have distorted the beautiful Viking culture and presented it to the world in an accurate portrayal.

Each new Hollywood film or publication strays further from the truth and spreads misinformation about the Vikings and Viking culture. With the impending threat of corruption of Viking culture, it is critical to realize that Vikings and proud pagans are in a cultural war. Viking warriors must rise up and defend this sacred culture.

This store attempts to represent Viking culture in its most authentic form, by offering unique products. Our store also seeks to bring the ancient Scandinavian culture and symbols to life by bringing them into the digital and modern world.

The Nordic themed items are completely unique ideas and designs from the dedicated artists we work with, which literally means that they cannot be found anywhere else. They are based on the exact symbols and archetypes found in historical artifacts from the famous "Viking Age", which spans from 793 AD, when the first Viking raid at Lindisfarne took place, to the end of the Viking Age in 1066 AD.

Our clients are warriors from all over the world in this war of cultural appropriation. They come from France, USA, Canada, Asia, Australia, Europe, Brazil, Chile and other parts of the world. Together we are determined to win this war, no matter what. We will win in the end. We feel great joy that Nordic culture has become a global phenomenon with followers of all races, thanks to the digital age we live in.

Viking Heritage Team.