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Unique collection of wolf necklaces | Awaken your Viking soul!

The selection of wolf jewelry that we present to you will without a doubt impress you. Discover without further ado our amazing Wolf Necklaces Collection!

The Vikings founded one of the most refined and sophisticated societies in human history. Known as valiant warriors and great explorers, their hidden merits are often overlooked.

Indeed, the Viking civilization had skilled craftsmen and extraordinary jewelers, who were responsible for the most beautiful jewelry of that time. Each piece of wolf jewelry was a masterpiece in itself, so much so that it made the Scandinavians famous all over the world!

Representing both their beliefs and their sense of belonging, these Viking jewels were the pride of this people. If you too want to feel the same Nordic energy, you've come to the right place!

Our Wolf necklace collection

Combining finesse and sobriety, our Wolf necklace collection inspires the sacred values of the Nordic civilization. Made in the same ancient Viking spirit, our craftsmen carefully manufacture each piece, using their know-how in the realization of our little masterpieces. Viking Heritage offers you :

  • Wolf necklaces with delicate finishes;
  • Wolf pendants made of the same noble metals of yesteryear;
  • Elegant creations to enhance your warrior soul!

Imbued with Viking essence, they will elegantly complement your outfits, and add an unparalleled mystical touch.

Each item in our wolf necklace collection is an original product, designed to be worn with all styles, both modern and vintage. Whether for men or women, our wolf necklaces will fit in with your look, adding a charming Nordic symbolism.

Discover our silver wolf necklaces, creations with mystical power!

Modern beliefs lead us to believe that the Vikings are only ignoble barbarians, often described as bloodthirsty warriors. This is only a small part of their heritage. Let's not forget that the Vikings also had the most accomplished craftsmen and jewelers of the time!

Historians agree that jewelry was a central part of Viking society. Of immeasurable spiritual value, jewelry was above all a vehicle for cultural symbols charged with mysticism.

More than just ornaments, Viking men and women proudly displayed their silver wolf necklaces, the supreme emblem of the Scandinavian warrior. Made essentially of noble and pure metals, they were in the image of the Nordic deities.

Widely used by the population, they were no less sacred. Each wolf necklace was unique, partly because of their singular details, and partly because of their unique manufacturing process.

According to the Scandinavian legends, it would be the gods themselves, especially Odin the father of all the gods, who would have taught the men the art of the jewelry and the creation of the Viking jewels. This ancestral process draws its instructions from the magic of the dwarfs, fairy beings renowned for their unequalled know-how and their excessive perfectionism.

This is how Viking smiths, with this extraordinary gift, infused some of their powers, along with the mystical strength of the dwarves and gods, when creating Viking wolf necklaces.

The meaning of the Wolf's Tooth Necklaces

It is true that Wolf's Tooth Necklaces were the most common necklaces among the Vikings, due to their extremely particular symbolism. Nevertheless, they shared the power and meaning of many other Viking accessories.

Indeed, necklaces among the Vikings were far from being simple decorative jewelry. These pendants had many meanings:

  • A solemn bond between warriors: It was customary for Scandinavian warriors belonging to the same troop to have identically forged wolf's tooth necklaces. They symbolized and welded their unbreakable bond as brothers in arms, and gave them the strength and ferocity of the wolf on the battlefield;
  • An emblem of Nordic belonging: It was customary among the Vikings to show their affiliation on their jewelry. Because of the great diversity of the pantheon of deities, the choice was often made for those that served the current context. Thus, Wolf's Tooth necklaces may represent one of the symbols of Odin, as well as symbolizing the valkyries or the wolf of destruction Fenrir.
  • An emblem of power: These necklaces, being created by an ancestral and rustic process, were impregnated with the magic of the Aesir gods. Very often, Viking jewelers added magical runes or "Futhrak" to amplify their powers, and to capitalize on their value.

According to some legends, these same wolf's tooth necklaces are the source of the Vikings' glory. In addition to giving them the determination of the wolf in battle, these necklaces protected their owners from devious enemies. All of this makes wolf's tooth necklaces not just ornaments for the Vikings, but an integral part of their Nordic traditions and their Scandinavian culture as a whole.

The hidden strength of Wolf pendants

The mystical power of wolf pendants is beyond the comprehension of those who do not know their history. The best example of these hidden abilities is the Berserkers!

Who hasn't heard of these legendary Viking warriors with superhuman power and hearts of steel. Able to decimate an entire army with their bare hands, the Berserkers were the embodiment of carnage and destruction, known in Old Norse as the "berserkergangr", or the wrath of Odin.

One particular category of Berserkers was more feared than the others, the "ulfhednars", whose animal spirit is represented by the wolf. These warriors wore special wolf's head pendants around their necks, designed to give them access to an exceptional second state, allowing them to summon the power of the wolf. The wolf pendants were considered to be the secret of their invincibility:

  • They had the power of a dozen men;
  • No weapon could harm them anymore;
  • Their senses and instincts were clearly sharpened;
  • Their courage and bravery were multiplied by ten.

During this period of total communion with the spirit of the wolf, Berserkers become almost gods of war. Much more than a simple necklace, the wolf pendant is a magical amulet that animates the wild side of its holder.

What are you waiting for to wake up your part of viking warrior, and to make appear the soul of the wolf which sleeps in you? Our collection of wolf pendants, created in the same spirit and Scandinavian know-how, is waiting for you!

The wolves of Viking mythology that inspired our collection

The Vikings have a very rich folklore, duly enriched by legends and stories oscillating between the mystical and the historical. They influence popular culture to this day, especially through the symbol of the wolf, a central pillar of Nordic civilization.

At the edge of light and darkness, the wolf in Viking mythology is synonymous with destruction, bravery, allegiance, but also misfortune, ruin and death. So many meanings make the wolf an emblem of remarkable complexity and multiple interpretations.

Still, the wolf remains intimately linked to the god Odin, who is mentioned many times in Viking stories:

  • The wolves "Geri" and "Freki  : Faithful companions of Odin, these two wolves watch over his throne in Asgard during his absence. They continually accompany him in the wars he wages, especially against the giants, evil beings of ice. Odin's wolves are said to be the greatest war beasts ever seen.
  • The valkyries: They are goddesses who serve only the god Odin, and who answer only to his orders. To come on earth, these warriors ride giant wolves. They always keep an eye on the Vikings on the battlefield. The bravest of them will have the honor of being escorted to Valhalla.

Although described as ferocious, bestial, and battlefield-worshipping beings, wolves remain effigies of nobility and devotion among the Norse. A creature loyal to Odin, father of the Viking world, the wolf represents one of the most powerful symbols of his worship.

However, it cannot be denied that for every part of light there is a part of shadow. In Norse mythology, this takes the form of the wolf Fenrir, the wolf of ultimate destruction. Legend has it that this vile beast will be the cause of the end of time, and will cause the death of Odin during the Ragnarok. Living surrounded by wolves, it is by this same animal that Odin will see his end.

What are you waiting for to seize the unmatched power of the Viking Wolf? Our collection of wolf necklaces has the best Viking Wolf pendants, a jewel worth its weight in gold. Seize the opportunity, follow in the footsteps of the great Viking warriors now!