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To keep the spirit of the Vikings with you, we offer you our collection of Viking watches. Their unique design comes from their wooden construction. The well-known symbol of the Scandinavian world Aegishjalmur is decorated on the dial. The outline is inscribed with the runic circle depending on the model.

Our designs also feature Yggdrasil, the Viking tree of life. Each one has a quartz movement that combines resistance and high precision. Handmade by our craftsmen, its bracelet is made of leather for an optimal comfort.

The watch is indeed a fashion object easily noticed. With our Scandinavian men's watches your style will not escape anyone!

And if you like pocket watches, our Valknut model will meet your expectations. This symbol representing honor, sacrifice or strength is made in remembrance of Viking warriors killed in battle. Made of stainless steel and with an acrylic dial, your Viking pocket watch will be protected from the slightest shock.