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Enjoy exclusive collection of snake ring inspired by the Nordic mytjology

A snake ring is not really something that runs in the streets. So if you want to impress your friends and family, why not wear this type of jewel on your finger? Viking Heritage offers you all its know-how for the making of snake rings. Our collection includes many models, all as beautiful as each other. All you have to do is wear your jewel and put it on in relation to your outfit to attract everyone's attention.

At Viking Heritage, we really rely on the quality of our products. This daily work allows us to offer you jewelry and snake rings of exemplary quality. This is due to the dedication of our craftsmen. Our partners work hard to offer you a product that respects as closely as possible the object you see in the picture. It is finally this meticulous and custom work that allows you to have a snake ring completely unique and not resembling any other.

Whether you are a man or a woman, a simple curious of the Viking culture or a passionate of the Nordic mythology, our products are made for you. Thus, the materials, gold, silver or Swarovski, as well as the designs are very diverse, so that each one finds the snake ring which is appropriate to him. Put on the model you choose and enjoy the powers of the snake. The qualities of this particular animal will penetrate your veins to accompany you day and night.

A shiny snake with a gold snake ring

Viking Heritage offers first, through its collection, gold snake rings. This jewel is the most classic way to radiate around you. Your friends and family will be amazed by this piece. Because our gold snake rings propel any outfit into another dimension. They provide the right touch to make any t-shirt, sweater, hoodie, tank top or other top much more visually impactful.

A snake ring is a design that will go completely gold. The combination of the gold of this material and the length of the animal encompass the finger beautifully. It is ultimately impossible not to notice it. Wearing such a ring also makes you stand out from all the existing ring designs. Not many people dare to have a snake on their finger because of the bad image it can have. But this is not what you should remember when you see a snake. So dare to wear a gold snake ring and don't be afraid of the judgments around you.

Several designs exist within our collection. First of all, there is a ring with a snake's head that is complemented by a zirconium oxide stone. If this type of design does not appeal to you, other models surrounding the finger exist. This is the case, for example, for the Bifrost snake ring. This one is distinguished by its many colors on the top, ranging from pink to blue through green. This model is designed for women, although the size is adjustable.

How about a sterling silver snake ring?

Everyone dreams of gold because it makes a statement. But who said a sterling silver snake ring wouldn't make the person in front of you envious? The Viking Heritage collection is brilliant in its design. Even if your jewelry is silver, you are sure to stand out from the crowd.

Our craftsmen take great care to design our silver rings in the best way possible. Most models are made with 92.5% pure sterling silver. Reproducing the object you see in the picture is a task that requires great precision. For this reason, we prioritize quality by giving one to five days of processing. This time frame will allow you to enjoy a snake jewel that corresponds to what you really want, because we know what disappointments are linked to the arrival of a defective object.

That's also why our snake rings, no matter the material, are designed to stand the test of time and shock. Neither of these will have any effect on our products. So rest assured when you buy a majestic snake ring or the snake head model for example. For those who prefer a jewel that surrounds the finger even more, the serpentine ring will meet your expectations. So what are you waiting for to have on your finger the symbol you really want to have?

The best Swarovski snake rings

Our store knows the trend and appeal of rhinestones. This shiny material adds pizzazz and sparkle to every outfit worn. Sometimes, ladies, you want to add rhinestones but your outfit is not really adopted. That's why wearing a rhinestone snake ring is an interesting optic. Obviously, this type of design can also be worn by men.

The Viking ring collection contains rings made with Swarovski crystals, which are known for their brilliance and overall quality. To truly stand out from the crowd, opt for a Swarovski snake ring. Whether it's for a party, a wedding, or a walk around town, such a piece of jewelry will make any wearer look elegant.

It is through the strength and symbolism of the snake that you will be proud to have such an object on your hand. The snake is an animal that has many interesting powers. Wisdom is one of them. Indeed, although it may seem surprising, the snake is a creature that allows you to achieve growth and expand your mind. Opening up to the world and the changes around you is ultimately easier with a Swarovski snake jewel around your finger. Despite the changes that affect your professional and personal life, the snake ring will always be present at your side to help you find calm and serenity. Do not hesitate to trust it when everything goes wrong or when your balance is disturbed.

Our mens snake ring collection 

For many people today, the snake is a scary animal. If you rely on mens snake ring to assert your character and power, you've come to the right place. This type of jewelry is sure to strike fear in others when they meet you. Having such a mark on your finger will force others to respect you, no matter what the situation.

Despite the fact that it evolves on the ground, the snake has multiple qualities. Indeed, this animal is lively, agile, long and able to move everywhere. If you represent this clever mix, why not identify yourself with the snake? Having such a ring on your finger will reinforce these qualities and make you completely unique. Furthermore, the fact that the snake is connected to the ground ultimately symbolizes the umbilical cord connecting all humans to Mother Earth, also represented as Gaia. The animal is thus a symbol of the earth as well as of life.

This goddess has a pair of snakes wrapped around her sacred staff, which reminds us of the Caduceus. The Caduceus is a laurel wand that the god Hermes used to heal snake bites. Wearing such a jewel on your hand will finally show people who cross you that even a snake bite will not harm you. You are strong and you show it to the people around you. In addition, the snake is a creature that can be very powerful. The potential length of this animal is a proof of this.

The choice of a women snake ring

Our women snake ring collection does not stop at models for men. The appeal and taste of women for jewelry must be taken into account by our designers. In the Viking culture, women who wore jewelry were recognized as women with power. Necklaces, rings and bracelets gave importance to women in cities and villages. Today, thanks to all our know-how, it is your turn to enjoy it.

Whether it's a simple gold or silver model or a rarer design, bring out all your charm with one of our jewelry pieces. Order and behold the determined, fighting woman that you are. If some products are designed exclusively for you ladies, others have the possibility to be slightly adjustable, to suit every morphology. It is therefore possible to adjust as you really want and thus correspond to your desires.

The silver sapphire snake ring is an example of a product specially made for a woman. With a size ranging from 47 to 60, there is the possibility to enjoy a high quality jewel, and to be sublimated by the blue color of the sapphire. The precious snake ring is made of stainless steel. But make no mistake, the colors offered by this ring are exceptional. Moreover, the color of the stone bitten by the snake's mouth is customizable, between red, orange and white, to shine with a thousand lights.

Be original with a yellow ring snake

One of the particularities of the snake is its relationship with time. The animal indeed loses its skin in the course of time, a process that we call the moult. This finally represents change, transformation or rebirth. Understand therefore that if you are going through great changes in your personal or professional life, the snake ring that bites its tail is an important ally to accompany you.

The yellow ring snake its tail fits completely into this perspective. Indeed, this symbol is a mark of eternity. Also called ouroboros, from the Greek "oura" for tail and "boros" for food, it represents a cycle of evolution that is constantly renewed. The fact that the snake bites its own tail shows the finite and self-sufficient nature of the cycle. The circularity also marks this idea by the fact that each end ultimately represents a new beginning.

If you want to have such a representation on you, the snake biting its tail ring is particularly powerful. Many designs are reminiscent of the ouroboros. This is the name of one of our stainless steel rings. Both classic and sober, it will suit most people. Another design is also proposed. The signet ring. Made of 92.5 sterling silver, this ring contains a snake that bites its tail on the side of the jewel. This allows everyone to notice it.

The meaning of the snake rings

Wearing a snake ring, even a necklace or bracelet, has multiple meanings that are worth considering.

First of all, it refers to the terrible snake of Midgard. As an enthusiast of the Nordic civilization, you must have already heard this story. It is about a monstrous sea serpent, child of the god Loki and the giantess Angrboda. Odin had thrown him into the sea because a prophecy announced that the children of Loki would destroy the Aesir gods. Also called Jormungand, he joined the giants to fight against the gods during the Ragnarok.

Celtic mythology gives a certain importance to the snake. In addition to its representation of eternity, rebirth or change, this animal also recalls the connection with the Earth. It is moreover the behavior of snakes that allowed the ancient Celts to live in harmony with nature and especially the seasons.

If any of these meanings appeal to you, you owe it to yourself to choose a snake ring. Choose Viking Heritage designs to enjoy exceptional product quality.