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Discover Our Tree of Life Necklace Collection

A Tree of Life necklace is a magnificent piece of jewelry to wear all year round. If you want to show your appreciation for Viking culture, you are in the right place. Viking Heritage offers one of the richest collections of Tree of Life necklaces available online today. Whether for wearing or gifting, choose the one that best suits your needs and enjoy the benefits of the Tree of Life.

Choosing a necklace from our collection is not just choosing any jewelry. The pieces in our shop are intimately connected to the Yggdrasil. Wearing a Tree of Life necklace around your neck is choosing to enjoy each of the virtues of the famous World Tree from Norse mythology. Strength, peace, serenity, and power are some of the qualities you can enjoy with a Tree of Life necklace. The various Tree of Life jewelry pieces offered provide a clever mix of beauty and splendor, making each piece memorable. Each has such charm that it will please anyone who wears it.

Like Yggdrasil was unafraid of storms, fear not the falls and shocks with one of our necklaces. Our artisans and partners work to design a unique piece. In addition to their beauty, our jewelry is made to withstand various unexpected events that may occur. They are fully capable of resisting falls and the test of time. So what are you waiting for to choose the Tree of Life necklace that you like the most?


Our Tree of Life Necklace Collection


Viking Heritage offers a wide choice of Tree of Life necklaces. If such variety is possible, it is to meet all your desires. Some prefer thin models, others thicker ones. The choice in material and colors also varies. There are necklaces in silver, others in gold, with more or less different colors. Our collection will not leave anyone out. Whether you are a man or a woman, there will definitely be a piece of jewelry that suits you.

Each Tree of Life necklace is unique. The details present and the precision of the construction are the work of our artisans. They apply themselves for hours to create the perfect piece of jewelry. Therefore, a few days of processing are to be expected to construct your necklace. Allow the necessary time for our partners to create the best possible product. Your patience will be rewarded when you can wear your necklace around your neck.

Having a Tree of Life necklace is having the opportunity to display your taste and attraction for Viking culture. This civilization has left its mark on Europe with its valiant warriors and drakkars. If you feel you have the soul of a Viking, opt for a necklace. This piece of jewelry will give a special touch to your outfit. It will also perfectly complement a Viking warrior costume during a special event. The Tree of Life necklace will also perfectly accompany a Nordic woman's dress.


A Tree of Life Pendant for Men and Women


Whether for a man or a woman, the Tree of Life pendant will satisfy both. Our shop offers jewelry that can be worn by women and men. Of course, some models might be more suitable for a male audience than a female one. But the symbol of Yggdrasil can captivate anyone. Its branches and roots are so striking that it takes little to be drawn to a Tree of Life jewelry piece.

Ladies, show those around you all your beauty with such a necklace around your neck. Regardless of the model you choose, our necklaces will brighten your face and add the right touch. Thanks to the Tree of Life pendant, you will find the wisdom and serenity you need. The tree is indeed an undeniable sign of wisdom. Walks in the forest are real moments of relaxation and calm. By wearing this type of necklace, you will have the opportunity to rediscover this feeling. Finally, like the important Viking women of the time, wearing this jewelry will allow you to display your power.

Gentlemen, the Tree of Life is an obvious symbol of strength and power. In the face of storms and tempests, it remains standing. Like the Viking man, winds and tides do not frighten it. By wearing your Yggdrasil necklace, you will be able to enjoy all the strength of the sacred tree of the Vikings. Any obstacle in your path will not be able to stop you from moving forward.


The Timeless Silver Tree of Life Necklace


The most widespread jewelry design is obviously the one made in silver. The silver Tree of Life necklace is no exception, and our collection has several pieces of this type. Viking Heritage knows that silver jewelry is coveted. We therefore put all our expertise to meet your needs.

Made of silver, the Tree of Life necklace will be a centerpiece of your collection. Just put it on to enhance any top, whether it's a t-shirt or a dress. Multiple designs are available in our shop. While these are special, they all remind us of Yggdrasil. Some models feature children or various animals. Finally, the flower of life model will recall the sacred geometric symbol. The flower of life is indeed a symbol of the perpetual renewal of life.


Shine with the Gold Tree of Life Necklace!


Since the dawn of time, men have been searching for gold. For a long time, Viking raids consisted of plundering villages and bringing back their trophies. They were thus able to make magnificent gold jewelry that allowed them to be recognized by their peers.

Today, our collection allows you, in turn, to stand out. A gold Tree of Life necklace will be the perfect item for this. The virtues of the Viking world tree will connect to your body and spirit. This will enable you to act with strength and achieve inner peace and serenity. The gold motif will add a color to your outfit and highlight every part of your face. All other colors of an outfit will correspond to the gold.

On Viking Heritage, several gold Tree of Life necklaces are available. The most classic ones, like the serenity or Tree of Life of wisdom models represent the tree, its roots, and its branches. But if you want to stand out even more, other jewelry pieces are available. For example, the mirror product contains two trees represented on either side. It is perfectly suited for women by its length. This one, like other necklaces in our collection, is adjustable. This feature will ultimately satisfy each person who puts on their jewelry around the neck. Finally, the owl Tree of Life model will remind you that Yggdrasil is a living element connected to nature. Also made of gold, it will bring an original and appreciated touch.


And why not a Swarovski Tree of Life Necklace?


If silver and gold looks do not suit you because they are too classic, you can also indulge yourself with our Swarovski Tree of Life necklaces. Playing the card of originality without being too out there is the promise made with a Swarovski Tree of Life necklace. Like all the others, our artisans work to create real collector's items.

The material is also known as rhinestone. It will completely illuminate your necklace, whatever its design. Pendant or real necklace will take on a whole new look thanks to Swarovski crystals. Do not hesitate any longer and display your tastes as close to your body as possible. Moreover, the mix between Viking culture and rhinestone is truly breathtaking. Any element of Norse mythology can be combined with a Swarovski design.

For you, ladies, opt for a touch of rhinestone on your outfit. The crystal contained on the jewelry in our collection will not play tricks on you. The outfit you wear can thus be nicely enhanced, without being completely bling-bling, in order to stay in tune with Viking civilization. With such a Tree of Life necklace, you will be a powerful woman within your entourage because you will enjoy all the effects of Yggdrasil. Assert yourself, be yourself, and move forward in your life despite obstacles.


Why Give a Tree of Life Necklace?


Do you not know what to give to your spouse, your brother, your sister, or any other family member? One of your friends appreciates Viking culture, and you have the idea of offering them a piece of jewelry in tribute? As many ideas as there are gift possibilities in our shop thanks to our Tree of Life necklace collection.

One of the advantages of this type of jewelry is that it can be given to anyone. Indeed, part of the designs is neutral, which allows it to be given to a man or a woman. Moreover, a necklace is a piece of jewelry that everyone wears. Boy or girl, the person who is given such a piece of jewelry will be delighted to be able to wear it. Every time they see it, it will be a way for them to think of you.

What could be better than giving a Tree of Life necklace to someone who is a fan of Norse mythology and the world tree? This symbol represents the balance of the world. Without Yggdrasil, the whole universe would be lost. It is thus a pillar on which the various Viking realms can rely. Show your loved ones that they can count on you by giving them a Tree of Life necklace. Like the root of a tree for a bird, you are the shoulder they can lean on.

The pendant that will be given will also be a way for the person wearing it to enjoy the different qualities of the Viking world tree.


Why Wear a Tree of Life Necklace?


The wearer of a Tree of Life jewelry piece can enjoy all the virtues of Yggdrasil. Be at peace with yourself by wearing such a necklace on you. Find inner peace and be calmed in all your everyday endeavors. Give all you can in your projects thanks to a Yggdrasil piece of jewelry.

In addition to this, wearing a Tree of Life necklace is a way to have a magnificent piece of jewelry. Compliments will not be long in coming with such an item around your neck. Whether it's rather long or close to the neck, any outfit will have a different cachet with this type of design. T-shirt, sweater, hoodie, or jacket, every garment will know how to match a Nordic necklace. Use the power of this design to carry out all of your projects. A true companion, the necklace will also be present in times of joy and difficult moments.

The tree is also an obvious symbol of rebirth and eternal renewal. You know that during the winter, the tree has no leaves and seems weakened. But when spring arrives, the leaves appear and regrow to display their most beautiful colors in summer. They then fall in autumn to continue this cycle. If you are starting a new beginning, professional or personal, be accompanied by your Tree of Life necklace. It will be the best possible ally to reach happiness again.


The Tree of Life in Different Civilizations


Yggdrasil holds a crucial importance in Viking culture. Indeed, it is on this tree that the entire Viking world rests. It must therefore be understood that if this tree collapses or is destroyed, it would be the end of the world. It is in this context that the god Heimdall, at the roots of the tree, is charged with protecting Yggdrasil from the dragon Nidhogg and the serpents that hope for its destruction.

But these are not the only inhabitants around the tree. Indeed, various other animals are present. First, there is Vidofnir, who is the eagle that revolves around the trunk. From it escapes the squirrel Ratatosk. There are also the 4 deer, respectively called Durathror, Dvalar, Dainn, and Duneyr. They are the ones who eat the leaves of the tree.

The main mission of the Viking Tree of Life, however, remains to maintain the entirety of the different worlds. The branches, roots, and trunk allow the world tree to fulfill its role. This ash tree contains the 9 worlds which are:

  • Asgard is the world of the Aesir gods, which includes Odin, the god of gods.
  • Vanaheim represents the realm of the Vanir, who are other Viking gods.
  • Midgard is the middle realm, but especially the land of men.
  • Alfheim is a world inhabited by light elves.
  • Svartalfheim is a realm where dark elves are present.
  • Jotunheim is the realm of giants.
  • Muspelheim is a world representing fire, destruction, and violence.
  • Helheim, also called Hel, is a realm associated with the dead.
  • Niflheim is a world representing intense cold, snow, and mist.

Literally, the name Yggdrasil means "Ygg's horse" or "the Steed of the Dreaded." The dreaded refers to Odin, who is the most important god of Norse mythology. He resides in Asgard, within the palace Valaskjálf.


As with the Vikings, in the different civilizations of the world, the life tree is an element of importance. Symbol of life, fertility, or energy, it is not surprising that it has multiple meanings of the world tree according to religions.

In Buddhism, the Tree of Life is an allegory of the Bodhi tree. This tree is important for Buddhists because it is beneath it that Buddha, after a long meditation, was able to reach enlightenment, or illumination, which is a state called bodhi. This tree then represents today the knowledge and spirituality of Buddha. It is often found near temples because Buddhist monks continue to plant this "ficus religiosa."

In Hinduism, the Tree of Life is called Ashvattha. Unlike others, it is represented upside down because this tree symbolizes the transmission of divine wisdom to men and knowledge.

In Christianity, the Tree of Life is mentioned in the Bible. In it, Adam and Eve fail to resist the forbidden fruit, in this case an apple, which comes from the tree of knowledge. By committing this sin and constraining divine law, God banishes Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and transforms them into humans. Other interpretations of the Bible exist. The world tree is also described as the one that brings immortality through its fruits. The Tree of Life is also represented by the depiction of a humanity not committing sins or corruption. It is also the one that recalls the cross on which Christ died.

The Tree of Life is also present in Islam. In this religion, the element is mentioned as the tree of immortality. It thus appears as a symbol of divine disobedience, in the same way as with Christians. The world tree of the Muslim religion is placed at the center of paradise.

In Judaism, the Tree of Life refers to the laws of the universe. It is called in Hebrew by the name Etz Chaim. Here, the representation of the tree consists of 10 spheres. These are symbols of veils, pillars, paths, or worlds. One must then see each source as being an energy linked to the human body.

It should not be forgotten that the Tree of Life is also present in African cultures. In these different civilizations, the tree is represented by a baobab. Even with arid climates, the baobab has the particularity of accumulating and storing a large amount of water in order to produce fruits. In one of the hottest regions of the world, this tree is considered a miracle element because it has allowed many people to no longer suffer from hunger and thirst.


The Tree of Life in Other Cultures


In other cultures, even not being connected to divine beliefs, the Tree of Life is a strong element.

In the beliefs of ancient Egyptian antiquity, nature occupies a predominant place. In the past, in Ancient Egypt, the Tree of Life took the form of an acacia called Saosis. The gods Isis and Osiris would then have been carried by the tree after their death in order to join other deities. It was then considered that the world tree offered a representation of death and life.

In Chinese culture, the mention of a life tree connecting 9 worlds appears, in the same way as in Norse mythology. This element is called Kien-mou and establishes the link between the 9 sources to the 9 heavens. It is through these that the sovereigns, also known as mediators of heaven and earth, ascend and descend.

Finally, in the culture of the Navajos, in North America, the Tree of Life is represented by a sacred plant named Navajo, which turns out to be corn. The tree then symbolizes the genealogy of a family since each branch of the corn represents a generation. Each family member is ultimately represented by a bird.

In the cosmology of shamanism, the Tree of Life has crucial importance. It is one of the elements representing the sacred side of nature. Native Americans call trees the standing people because they are alive and have a consciousness. Trees are then the guardians of the Earth since they purify its atmosphere by their presence. They are also representatives of the link between the Earth, which allows them to feed, and the Sky which offers the Sun as a source of energy.