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TOP 50 Viking Names 2024

October 20, 2023 3 min read

Best Viking Names

Top 50 Viking Names and Their Meanings


The rich history and Viking legends manifest through the names of these formidable navigators of the North. These names are not just simple identification tags; they carry meaning, often imbued with deep and complex symbolism. Whether they refer to divine references, manifestations of nature, totem animals, or human virtues, these names reflect the values, beliefs, and ambitions of the ancient Scandinavians.

Let's embark on a journey through the 50 most evocative Viking names, each telling a story, a legend, a facet of Viking life. Whether you are an aspiring historian, looking for inspiration for a future baby, or just curious, get ready to navigate through these names, bearing echoes of the past. And for those who wish to proudly display their Viking heritage or passion, we have stunning Viking bracelets engraved to discover!




ASTRID: Divine radiance, shining among the stars.

ALEK: The guardian, watching over his own.

BRITA: The resilient, never bending.

BALDER: Light of the gods, bearer of wisdom.

DISA: Incarnate energy, active goddess.

BJORN: Emblem of strength, represented by the bear.

ELIN: The illuminating torch, lighting the way for others.

ERIK: The timeless leader, dominating through the ages.

FRIDA: Peace and harmony, gentleness in strength.

FALK: The agility of the falcon, flying high in the skies.

FREYA: Goddess of love, symbol of beauty and fertility.

GORM: The devoted protector, always vigilant.

HELGA: Symbol of purity and sanctity.

GUNNAR: The soul of the warrior, always on the front line.

ILSE: Goddess of the oath, inspiring respect.

HAKON: Royal heir, born to rule.

INGRID: Wisdom combined with delicate beauty.

JORUND: The protective knight, guarantor of justice.

PETRA: Solidity of the stone, unyielding in the face of adversity.

JARL: The noble, bearer of dignity.

SIGRID: Elegant triumph, victorious beauty.

KARE: Like the wind, elusive and free.

SVANHILDE: The graceful warrior, elegant in battle.

KNUD: The union, strengthening bonds.

ULRIKA: The protective she-wolf, loyal to her pack.

LARS: Crowned with laurels, symbolizing victory and honor.

VALKYRIE: Messenger of the gods, guide of heroes to Valhalla.

LEIF: The descendant, bearer of hope for the future.

WENDELA: The nomad, always in search of new horizons.

MAGNUS: Greatness and imposing stature.

XANTHE: The radiant blonde, luminous in her beauty.

MORTEN: Strength of the hammer, unwavering determination.

YLVA: Essence of the she-wolf, protective and loyal.

NJAL: The champion, always ready to take on challenges.

ZELDA: Determined fighter, strength of character.

NORALF: Genius of the North, light in the darkness.

OLAF: The wise elder, bearer of traditions.

OYSTEIN: Joy and happiness, celebrating life.

RAGNAR: Divine warrior, worthy of the gods.

RAGNHILD: Warrior counselor, wise strategist.

THORFINN: Adventurer under the aegis of Thor.

TORVALD: Master of thunder, powerful and imposing.

ULF: Essence of the wolf, wild and independent.

VEBJORN: The weaving bear, combining strength and dexterity.

WULFGAR: Strength of the wolf, relentless determination.

YNGVAR: Heroic legacy, walking in the footsteps of ancestors.

The essence of Viking names: between origins and symbolism

The Viking culture, which spanned from Scandinavia to regions as distant as England, Russia, and even North America, was steeped in mythology, poetry, and a deep understanding of nature and the cosmos. Names chosen for children were often laden with meaning, reflecting the hopes, aspirations, and beliefs of the parents. Some names were invoked to evoke the protection of the gods, others to capture the essence of an animal or a natural element, and still others to represent qualities of a Viking warrior or royal.

Guide to choosing the ideal Viking name for your child

  1. Understand the meaning: Before choosing a name, it's essential to understand its meaning and origin. This will help you choose a name that resonates with your values and aspirations for your child.
  2. Ease of pronunciation: Ensure the name is easy to pronounce in your native language or in the country where you reside. This will save your child from constant corrections.
  3. Cultural association: Viking names are rich in history, but it's good to check that there are no negative associations or possible confusions in your culture.
  4. Uniqueness: If you're looking for a unique name, Viking names are perfect. They are distinct and memorable, offering a beautiful alternative to more traditional names.
  5. Trust your instinct: In the end, the perfect name is the one that resonates with you. Listen to your heart and instinct as you browse the list.
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