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Discover Our Collection of Tree of Life Jewelry

Viking Heritage presents its Tree of Life jewelry collection. Each piece has required many long hours of work. Undoubtedly, by wearing them, you will truly shine around you. Thus, you will have the privilege of receiving many compliments from your loved ones, friends, family members, and even your office colleagues. The beauty and charm of our Tree of Life jewelry will not go unnoticed by those you meet throughout the day.

So, don't wait any longer to enjoy magnificent pieces to wear around your wrist, neck, or finger. Your body and spirit will then benefit from all the virtues of the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil. This element is central to Viking culture. As a tree, it possesses many qualities that can be transmitted just as its shadow casts around it. Strength, wisdom, serenity, and protection are examples of qualities you can enjoy, whether you are a man or a woman. Our designs can suit any age group, from the youngest discovering Viking civilization to the most seasoned of Norse mythology enthusiasts.

The Viking Heritage Tree of Life jewelry collection is crafted by professional artisans. They give their utmost to offer the best pieces possible each day. So, have no fear, the jewel you have spotted will be identical to the one you will receive. Moreover, it will withstand the tests of time and impacts thanks to its unique design.

Choosing Gold Tree of Life Jewelry

Owning a gold Tree of Life jewel means having the chance to make Yggdrasil shine with the day's sun. Indeed, the gold color matches any type of clothing and any color. Just put on your jewel and enjoy all its virtues.

The Yggdrasil is the most important tree of the Viking civilization. It is essential because it supports the 9 worlds, inhabited by gods, including Odin, humans, giants, and elves. The destruction of Yggdrasil would ultimately lead to the destruction of the universe. Its importance, therefore, cannot be understated. This is notably why at the foot of the tree is the god Heimdall, who is charged with protecting the roots against attacks by snakes and the dragon Nidhogg.

Ladies, display the central place you occupy in your life with such a jewel on your body. In the times of the Vikings, important women wore many Viking jewelry around their outfits to display their power. The most powerful women were thus easily recognizable within the tribe. By wearing a gold Tree of Life jewel, you can show the women around you that you are no ordinary woman.

The Tree of Life mirror necklace or the eternal Tree of Life bracelet are pieces that every Viking fan must have in their collection.

Opt for Silver Tree of Life Jewelry

The silver Tree of Life jewelry, the most classic color, is also part of the Viking Heritage collection. We know your love for this material, which has lived for thousands of years on human bodies. This is why many models of necklaces, bracelets, and rings in silver are present in our store.

Whether you are a man or a woman, enjoy a piece of jewelry that will bring you peace and inner wisdom. Indeed, the forest is a place synonymous with calm and harmony. The singing of birds and the leaves reacting to the wind relax and are good for the spirit. Remember the sensations of a walk among the trees with a Tree of Life jewel near your body. If you are upset, look at your jewel to regain your calm and feel soothed. Do not spoil the positive energy and beauty emanating from your silver model!

Having a silver Tree of Life jewel means you can enjoy all the work of our artisans. Our partners apply themselves to offer a high-quality product. This is the case, for example, with the Crystal heart Tree of Life necklace or the same model in bracelet version. They are both made with 92.5% pure sterling silver. You understand that a processing time of one to five days is necessary to achieve such quality.

How about Swarovski Tree of Life Jewelry?

Our collection also allows you to enjoy Swarovski Tree of Life jewelry. The teams at Viking Heritage know the enthusiasm for rhinestones and that is why models containing Swarovski crystals are present in our store.

Wearing a Tree of Life jewel, whether it's a necklace, ring, or bracelet, will make you feel strong and powerful in all circumstances. Admit, gentlemen, that it's indeed such an item that you dream of having by your side. Indeed, in the same way as Yggdrasil, our jewelry will give you all the strength necessary to face the challenges that lie ahead of you. Every obstacle can be faced in the presence of a Tree of Life jewel.

During walks in the forest, you must have already felt the strength of a tree. It rises among the others, protects the animals underneath, and everything nearby. Despite the violent wind and storms, the tree remains present and faithful to its post. Its strength and power are impressive. It must be said that Yggdrasil needs it to maintain all the worlds of the Viking civilization. Rain, storms, and attacks do nothing; the tree does not fall.

For those who want to enjoy the strength of the Viking Tree of Life, it is enough to have a Swarovski jewel with them. Do not hesitate to choose rhinestones. On a suitable outfit, it can really give a real burst of brilliance.

Shine with your Tree of Life necklace

The Tree of Life jewelry in our collection is numerous. Indeed, you can first find necklaces. By putting such an item around your neck, all the positive effects of the Viking world tree will easily be found in your mind.

The benefit of wearing a Nordic necklace around the neck is to be able to embellish your t-shirt, tank top, hoodie, or any other top. Whether it is in silver, gold, or adorned with Swarovski crystals, the Tree of Life necklace will make you shine among your friends and family. So, don't wait any longer to be the Ragnar Lothbrok or the Lagertha of your circle. These two legendary characters wore necklaces to have the strength necessary to fight their enemies.

Owning a Viking Heritage Tree of Life necklace means allowing your entire body to benefit from the virtues of Yggdrasil. This type of item will be so close to your mind and body that you can enjoy all the strength and power of the most important tree in Norse culture. Connect your head to your passion and be in tune with Viking values.

Our necklaces are designed to fit the widest range of body shapes possible. Some models are also adjustable to offer you the comfort you really want. So what are you waiting for to enjoy the sumptuous details of the Asgard Tree of Life necklace? By putting it on, you will feel like a god. The 7 chakras necklace will suit those who want more colors.

Enjoy a beautiful Tree of Life ring

Who said that you necessarily need a traditional ring for your wedding? If you and your soulmate are passionate about Norse civilization, it is entirely possible to materialize your union with a ring that recalls it. And what better than the Tree of Life ring to symbolize the union between two spirits?

Yggdrasil is the pillar of the civilization of the warriors of the North. The world would not be possible without the presence of this natural element. Combining this symbol and that of the ring is therefore particularly interesting for couples who appreciate Viking stories.

Having a Yggdrasil ring on your finger is ultimately having magical hands. So act with precision in what you undertake daily. Any manual creation will be enhanced with such an item around your finger. So do not hesitate to imagine other things and to let your creativity express itself as the Viking Heritage teams do.

In our store, many designs are therefore available. For example, some designs encompass the complete finger, such as the lucky ring. Its sublime details will delight any owner of the item. The silver flower and Scandinavian models will offer the same sensation, opting for more classic silver colors. Finally, a multitude of classic styles are offered to you, it's up to you to choose the one that will suit your skin best.

Tree of Life bracelet

Owning a Tree of Life bracelet Yggdrasil will allow you, like the other jewelry, to be noticed by people who see your wrist. By putting it on, you will feel all the strength that the tree possesses to keep the world in balance. Be as strong as a trunk and fear no challenge thanks to such a product near your body. Once the power is acquired, nothing can stop you, and everything will be offered to you. All you have to do is enjoy all the grandeur of Yggdrasil.

The Viking Heritage bracelet will prove to be a real lucky charm by following you daily in all your professional and personal projects. Moreover, do not be afraid of losing it because the product is solidly crafted by our artisans. They truly strive to offer the product as faithful as possible to what you can see in photos.

In addition to classic gold and silver models, our necklaces