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Discover Our Collection of Tree of Life Rings

Undoubtedly, the Tree of Life ring will be a centerpiece of your Tree of Life jewelry collection. Allow yourself to be tempted by our collection of Yggdrasil rings and connect with nature and the Nordic world.

Whether for yourself or as a gift, our Tree of Life rings endow the wearer with all the qualities of the Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life of the Nordic civilization. A true talisman, the ring assures strength, protection, power, and peace to the body of its wearer. The branches and roots present in the design of the ring connect you to the rest of the world and prevent you from sinking, even in the worst moments. As you can see, our jewelry is essential for any respectable beard-wearer or warrior.

Opting for a Viking Heritage Tree of Life ring means having a remarkable, unique, and solid piece of jewelry. Besides the magnificent designs that are created, our products are unlike any other. You are thus guaranteed to stand out in your circle by wearing such a piece on your finger. Moreover, our entire collection is designed to withstand any test. Our artisans strive to offer jewelry that combines beauty, comfort, and durability. Whether it's time or shocks from falls, your ring will remain the same. Rest assured, our jewelry retains all the features we present to you.

The Tree of Life ring collection at Viking Heritage is rich to meet the needs and desires of everyone!

A Tree of Life Ring to Connect You to Yggdrasil

Choosing a piece of jewelry is no small matter. It is an object that you will wear every day and that people around you will notice. As it will resemble you, it is essential that it enhances your personality.

By opting for a Viking ring, you will show your taste for the Nordic civilization through your spirit and to the very end of your body. Wearing a Tree of Life ring brings multiple benefits. First, you connect with all elements of Viking culture. For Yggdrasil is the center of the world. Just as it is a pillar for the various worlds through its branches and roots, let your entourage know they can rely on you in all circumstances.

A Tree of Life ring gives your body all the powers contained in Yggdrasil and enables you to successfully carry out all your projects. Whether for work or your personal life, put on your ring and achieve what you have in mind. Like the ring in The Lord of the Rings, be careful not to misplace your jewelry as someone else could benefit from its virtues. Move mountains with a Tree of Life ring on your finger. Act with wisdom and peace when necessary.

Wearing a Viking Heritage jewel means having a true work of art on your body. Our designs are numerous and suit any fan of the Viking universe.

The Tree of Life Ring for Women: Serenity of Mind

The ring is typically the jewelry given to women. Whether to display union or simply to have a beautiful object, it is a strong symbol worn on the finger. It must therefore be as beautiful as possible. What better way to combine your attachment to Nordic mythology, the Vikings with jewelry by choosing a Tree of Life ring?

Wearing such a piece will allow you to act with calm and serenity. The tree is a symbol often associated with calmness. Walking in the forest and feeling the wind move through the branches is something relaxing. The size and density of trees in a forest soothe and protect the mind. Our rings contain meticulous details that recall the Tree of Life. Simply looking at it will remind you of those moments among the trees and relax you. Some models of Tree of Life rings contain roots. These represent the source of serenity. Indeed, Yggdrasil draws its energy from the earth and spreads it through its branches. No doubt you will find inner peace with such a piece on your finger.

A Tree of Life ring for women will also help you gain confidence. Indeed, among the Vikings, women who wore jewelry were women of importance within their tribe. They could then display the power they had. Show all your power and shine among other women.

Feel Strong with a Tree of Life Ring for Men

What would a tree be if it were not strong? It must face the wind and the storms that occur. Yet the tree stands tall. The Tree of Life ring for men should be a source of inspiration for you. Indeed, it will give you the strength to achieve your daily goals and carry out all your projects. Our jewelry will give you the determination and energy needed to overcome all obstacles. In case of doubt, take a look at the Yggdrasil around your finger and go back into battle.

A Tree of Life ring does not only serve to give you strength. This first quality is not the only one to be acquired through the magical powers of the Viking world tree. Wearing this piece of jewelry offers immortality. The tree is something that never disappears. During the summer, it radiates from all its branches before losing them in autumn while displaying beautiful colors. Winter is tough for it but it is only time to bring out new leaves. This constant renewal shows that regardless of the changes, Yggdrasil will always be with you. Have no fear of starting anew with our rings.

In addition to its qualities, the Tree of Life ring is a superb object to wear. It will remind you of your attachment to the Viking world. So be proud to wear such a piece of jewelry and show your brightest smile.

What Would This Collection Be Without Silver Tree of Life Rings?

Traditionally, jewelry is made of silver. Our collection is no exception and contains several Tree of Life silver rings.

First, several designs exist. There are the fine rings that cover the finger without being too much. This will perfectly suit someone who wants their jewelry to blend in with others. Offering this style as a gift will work every time because it is the most widespread. The twisted and gold flower models are references in the field.

But Viking Heritage also offers thicker rings to show all your love for Viking culture. For example, the Scandinavian Tree of Life ring model encompasses the finger so that you become one. All the qualities of Yggdrasil will then be contained in your hand, allowing you to do exceptional things.

Our collection of silver Tree of Life rings obviously does not stop there. Some models are available only at Viking Heritage. Our artisans put in the maximum effort to create jewelry that stands out from the ordinary. For example, the 9 Worlds ring shines with its many colors. Finally, the designs of the Life Petal and Mineral Tree of Life rings may contain only one color, but their beauty is unique. The first model contains small zirconium stones while the stone of the second is much more imposing.

The Gold Tree of Life Ring: The Classic

At Viking Heritage, it will also be possible to find models of gold Tree of Life rings. This color, associated with jewelry, can be matched with just about anything. This makes it possible to create beautiful outfits and to pay tribute to Viking culture and Yggdrasil.

Shining with a Viking ring has never been easier than with one from the Viking world tree. Your entourage will only have eyes for it and you will then have the opportunity to tell its story and share its virtues.

Like the silver models, it will be possible to find several designs of rings. There are the fine models, of which several tree designs exist. The Radiant Tree of Life ring, for example, features the tree engraved directly within the ring. In the Golden Heart model, the tree is surrounded by zirconium stones. This gives a particular charm to a gold ring.

You may also fall in love with the Tree of Life good luck ring. The beautiful design surrounding it will amaze those who look at it. The Unified Tree of Life ring is more classic and has a more discreet design. But in both cases, it will be quite possible to pay tribute to Yggdrasil and procure a unique style.

The Importance of the Tree of Life Among the Vikings

In Norse culture and mythology, the Tree of Life is called Yggdrasil. Like in many religions, it holds a vital importance. This name means "Ygg's horse" or "the Terrifying One's steed." The word terrifying refers to Odin, the most powerful Norse god. This tree sustains the life of all the Viking worlds through its branches. There are nine of them:

  • Vanaheim represents the realm of the Vanir, Norse gods.
  • Asgard refers to the realm of the Aesir, the gods among whom Odin is included.
  • Jotunheim is the world of giants.
  • Midgardis the middle realm and the land of humans.
  • Svartalfheim represents the world of the dark elves.
  • Alfheim is the realm of the light elves.
  • Niflheim is the world of intense cold, snow, and mist.
  • Muspelheim, in contrast, represents the world of fire, violence, and destruction.
  • Helheim or Hel, which refers to the realm of the dead.

The significant number of worlds and meanings allows the Tree of Life to bring a certain balance. If everything can coexist, it is ultimately thanks to the presence of Yggdrasil. That is why it cannot be destroyed, as this would bring about the end of the world.

It is also worth noting that several creatures live in and around the tree. For instance, the god Heimdall, who ensures the protection of the roots against attacks by the dragon Nidhogg and snakes. At the level of the trunk, the squirrel Ratatosk lives peacefully.