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Discover our collection of Tree of Life bracelets

To evoke the Viking world, nothing is better than recalling something unique and significant. The Yggdrasil Tree of Life, essential within Nordic culture, fits completely into this perspective. At Viking Heritage, you will find a magnificent collection of Tree of Life bracelets. Wearing such a jewel presents many advantages. The Tree of Life is a representation present in all religions. It allows you to have the strength and energy to perform the tasks that await you in your daily life.

It's a real lucky charm that you'll have on your wrist. Your values, your hopes, and your desires are present in the Tree of Life bracelet, and wearing it every day brings you closer to your life goals. Having the symbol of the tree with the jewel allows you to always have it with you. Seek its protection to get through the difficult trials that arise. The Tree of Life will help you emerge stronger from this moment. The branches and roots of the tree allow you to connect with the rest of the world. Thus, you can no longer feel lonely or isolated.

Many Tree of Life bracelets are available in the Viking Heritage shop. Several shapes, colors, and representations will make men and women happy, young and old alike. The variety of choices in our shop allows you to select the bracelet that suits you. Our artisans strive to offer you products with elegant and durable designs. The quality of the materials indeed allows them to withstand shock and time.

Why choose a Tree of Life bracelet?

Choosing a Tree of Life bracelet rather than another Viking jewel will allow you to pay homage to the most important element of Norse mythology, the Yggdrasil tree. Within Norse culture, Yggdrasil is an element that occupies an essential place. Indeed, it is thanks to this tree that the world is maintained. The various worlds that take place in Viking history are maintained with the roots and branches of the Tree of Life.

Connect with the Viking Tree of Life and enjoy all its qualities. Act with wisdom and calmness for everything you achieve in your life. Face the obstacles that stand in your way with strength. Show the people around you the central place you occupy and let them know they can count on you.

Keep the Tree of Life bracelet with you to avoid seeing it break. Because if Yggdrasil dies, it would mean the total destruction of the world. To not lose your powers, make sure you don't lose your jewel. This is the last thing you hope for by having such a bracelet around your wrist. The Tree of Life bracelet is a real lucky charm, which allows you to fulfill all your desires and goals. Don't miss this opportunity and carry out all your projects successfully with a Tree of Life jewel.

A Tree of Life bracelet for women

The Tree of Life bracelet will also allow women to display their belonging to Nordic and Viking culture. Ladies, wearing such a symbol around your wrist offers the opportunity to be in perfect harmony with your body and spirit. Sometimes designed with roots, these are the source of serenity. The tree indeed draws its energy from the earth and diffuses it through its various branches. Wearing your jewel will give you the energy to act serenely.

It is obvious that the tree is a symbol attached to calmness. Walks in the forest are often the moment to find peace within your mind and body. Indeed, the height and massive presence of trees offer an incomparable relaxing sensation. By having a Tree of Life bracelet for women, you can finally feel this feeling at any time by looking at and touching your jewel on your wrist. Finding the peace of Yggdrasil is within wrist reach!

In Northern Europe, wearing jewelry was also a sign of a certain power. Viking women who had a certain number of necklaces, bracelets, and rings could thus show their importance within Norse civilization. So, display your power among other women by wearing a Tree of Life bracelet. They won't miss it and will wonder where this magnificent jewel comes from.

The best Tree of Life bracelets for men

Whether to have a beautiful object around the wrist or to pay homage to Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life bracelet can be worn in many circumstances. This type of jewel is suitable for men who want to have the strength and power of the mythical Viking tree. Among the Celts, trees represent the balance and harmony of life. Moreover, the Vikings believed that trees possessed magical powers.

If you want to display an important symbol of Norse culture, the Yggdrasil bracelet is made for you. The tree withstands violent storms and stands tall through the landscape, making it a symbol of strength. The person wearing this sign will feel determined and ready to overcome any obstacle. Whether for work, your personal projects, or any other situation, Yggdrasil will be there to support you.

Choosing a Tree of Life bracelet for men is also showing your immortality. Trees are elements that never die. They lose their leaves in autumn, seem to be nearing the end in winter before revealing new buds and leaves on their branches. This new start is also found in man. Make your decisions with your Tree of Life bracelet around your wrist and make a fresh start. This bracelet is a sign of immortality and renewal, so rest assured it will accompany you when you want to change course, whether in your professional or personal life.

A unique collection of silver Tree of Life bracelets

At Viking Heritage, we want to offer you a unique collection of silver Tree of Life bracelets. Whether for men or women, there will definitely be a model of Viking bracelet that you will love.

A certain number of our silver Tree of Life bracelets opt for a certain sobriety. The courage, eternity, and source of life models are classic and consist of a circle of sterling silver adorned with a Tree of Life traced within a heart. Of course, these are not the only ones in the silver Tree of Life bracelet collection. Some are composed of more shapes than their previous counterparts. Several trees of life can take place in the bracelet. Or other Viking symbols are present, such as the Midgard serpent or Nilfheim.

If you want to stand out from the others, why not choose a finer or adjustable bracelet? For example, our shop has a jewel that can be adjusted at the wrist level. This offers a variety of ways to wear it. Moreover, it thus suits all types of morphologies.

Our artisans make every effort to offer you jewelry with the best possible quality. They use the best materials available and shape them according to your desires to meet the expectations of the largest number of people. Their precision and attention to detail push our partners to give their best in bracelet creation. So trust them, and you won't regret it!

Shine with a gold Tree of Life bracelet

Bracelets are a jewel to shine among the people around you. If you want to impress your loved ones or colleagues, nothing like a gold Tree of Life bracelet. It will illuminate your outfit, which will then become unmatched.

Enjoy the virtues of the Tree of Life while having a gold jewel around your wrist, this is possible at Viking Heritage. This color matches all types of bracelets. Whether they are thin or wide, any bracelet of this color will suit you.

In our shop, you can first choose a completely gold jewel. This is the case, for example, with the 9 worlds model, within which Yggdrasil is contained in a circle and is composed of crystals of different colors. Note that this bracelet can have its length adjusted according to the wrist size, a significant advantage. The eternal Tree of Life bracelet has an identical finesse.

For those who prefer something less subtle, the sublime gold Tree of Life bracelet will be perfect. The chain is thicker thanks to a remarkable zinc alloy. In gold or silver, it will perfectly suit men who want to show their attachment to the world tree of Viking culture. The collection also includes a bracelet whose color is green, which fits very well with gold, and a model in golden leather with different inscriptions.

Shine with a pearl Tree of Life bracelet

Our collection of Tree of Life bracelets does not stop there. In addition to silver and gold models, there are also pearl bracelets. These are very elegant and pleasant to wear. Their design is very well crafted thanks to the expertise of our manufacturers. Easy to remove, their size allows you to find them in all circumstances.

Several models of Tree of Life pearl bracelets exist to recall the different qualities of the element, whether it be peace, serenity, or power. The bewitching type will allow you to have a certain number of pearls around your wrist, which is an opportunity to take full advantage of the qualities of Yggdrasil.

For those who prefer to have a simple bracelet with a single line of pearls, different jewels are available at Viking Heritage. There is the spiritual bracelet, with a purple color, which stands out from the classic colors of jewelry. The agate pearl bracelet is very classic but matches easily with any outfit. But you can also bet on a light green to be original and break the classic codes of Viking jewelry.

What does the Tree of Life represent among the Vikings?

As you will have understood, in Viking civilization, the Tree of Life is also called Yggdrasil. Literally, its name means "Ygg's horse" or even the "stallion of the Formidable." The Formidable obviously referring to Odin, the most powerful of the gods among the Vikings. As in other religions and cultures, the Tree of Life is of great importance to the Norse.

It is on its branches and roots that the 9 worlds of Norse civilization rest:

  • Asgard represents the realm of the Aesir, the group of gods related to Odin.
  • Vanaheim represents the realm of the Vanir, which are other divinities.
  • Midgard, the middle realm, which is the land of men.
  • Jotunheim, the realm of the giants.
  • Alfheim which is the world of light elves.
  • Svartalfheim, which is the world of dark elves.
  • Muspelheim, the world of fire, which represents violence and destruction.
  • Niflheim, the world of mists, snow, and intense cold.
  • Helheim, which is the realm of the dead and is also called Hel.

Facing the multitude of worlds and different meanings, the Tree of Life represents balance. It is the one that allows this whole to exist and its destruction would ultimately lead to the end of the world.

Finally, there are a number of creatures that act in and around the Tree of Life. At the foot of Yggdrasil is the god Heimdall. He is responsible for protecting the roots from attacks by the dragon Nidhogg and other serpents. Within the trunk of the tree, the squirrel Ratatosk is present.