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Top 30 Viking Gift Ideas for a Memorable Christmas

December 06, 2023 4 min read

best Viking Gift Ideas for Xmas

Top 30 Viking Gift Ideas for a Memorable Christmas

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Vikings! As Christmas approaches, it's time to think about unique gifts that are out of the ordinary. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a fan of Nordic culture, or just looking for a special gift, our selection of 30 Viking gift ideas will inspire you.

From authentic craftsmanship to symbolic jewelry, discover treasures that will delight your loved ones and bring a touch of bravery and mystery to their Christmas.

Home Items and Accessories

Drakkar Mug: Start your day with this unique drakkar-shaped mug, a reminder of Viking audacity. It combines utility and historical style, ideal for everyday use or as a collectible. Perfect for coffee or tea lovers who appreciate a touch of history.


Viking Drakkar Boat: This meticulous replica of a drakkar is a tribute to the maritime genius of the Vikings. It is ideal as a collector's item or as a decorative element for maritime history enthusiasts. A perfect gift for those fascinated by Viking travels and explorations.


Drinking Horn: Traditional Viking drinking horns, this glass brings a historical touch to any drinking occasion. It combines functionality and ancient style for a unique drinking experience. An ideal gift for those who like to recreate the atmosphere of Viking feasts.


Thor's Hammer Replica: Hold in your hands a replica of Thor's hammer, a symbol of strength and protection in Norse mythology. This replica is both a collectible and an impressive decorative item. Perfect for admirers of Thor and mythology enthusiasts.


Hammer Pendant (Bronze): A delicate pendant in the shape of Thor's hammer, combining historical symbolism and modern design. Ideal for those looking to wear a piece of mythology around their neck. This pendant is both discreet and meaningful.


Jackets and Coats

Valhalla Viking Jacket: Inspired by the mythical Valhalla, this jacket combines comfort and Nordic design. It features elegant Viking motifs, ideal for everyday wear. Perfect for fans of history and Nordic culture.


Gungnir Jacket: Robust and stylish, this jacket is inspired by Viking warriors. It offers both a modern design and a historical motif. An excellent choice for everyday use with a touch of bravery.


Fenrir Wolf Coat: This coat incorporates elements of the mythical wolf Fenrir, mixing mystery and strength. Its unique design makes it perfect for those looking to stand out. It combines both Viking style and symbolism.


Floki Coat: Inspired by the famous Viking Floki, this coat combines historical character and originality. It is designed to capture the spirit of adventure and discovery. This coat is ideal for fans of history and Norse legends.


Yggdrasil Coat: Adorned with Yggdrasil, the tree of life, this coat is a wearable work of art. It symbolizes deep connection with nature and mythology. This coat is ideal for admirers of natural beauty and ancient wisdom.


Berserker Bear Coat: Inspired by Viking berserker warriors, this coat embodies bravery and savagery. Its unique design echoes the combative and indomitable spirit of ancient warriors. Ideal for those who want to display a strong and bold presence.


Vegvisir Legend Jacket: This jacket is adorned with Vegvisir, an ancient compass symbolizing direction and protection. It combines functionality and traditional Nordic design. Perfect for modern explorers who appreciate Viking symbolism.


Ugly Christmas Sweater: A holiday season classic, this sweater features Viking motifs with a humorous touch. It's comfortable and perfect for ugly Christmas sweater contests. An excellent way to bring joy and laughter during the holidays.



Fenrir Wolf Bracelet: This bracelet features a wolf head, a powerful symbol in Viking culture. It combines elegance and deep meaning, capturing the essence of courage and instinct. Perfect for those looking for a stylish and emblematic piece of jewelry.


Celtic Silver Ring: A finely crafted ring, blending Celtic and Viking motifs for a unique design. It adds a touch of historical elegance to any outfit. Ideal for jewelry lovers who appreciate a story.


Viking Valknut Ring: This discreet but sophisticated ring embodies the Viking aesthetic in a subtle way. Perfect for everyday wear while adding a touch of symbolism. An ideal choice for those who prefer minimalist but meaningful jewelry.


Tree of Life Ring: Representing Yggdrasil, this ring symbolizes life, wisdom, and connection to the universe. Its detailed design makes it a remarkable piece of jewelry. Perfect for those attracted to mythology and nature.


Silver Vegvisir Ring: A robust and imposing ring, reflecting the strength and honor of Viking warriors. It combines traditional design with quality craftsmanship. An excellent choice for a man looking to express his inner strength.


Silver Snake Ring: This ring features a serpent, a recurring motif in Viking art. It combines mystery and elegance, and is perfect for a distinctive style. Ideal for those who admire symbolism and refined craftsmanship.


Clothing and Shoes

Viking Sportswear Set: This sportswear set "Die in Valhalla", adorned with Viking motifs, combines comfort and style. It's perfect for workouts or for a casual warrior-inspired look. Ideal for those who want to add a touch of history to their sportswear.


Medieval Lagertha Boots: These bots draw inspiration from medieval style, offering timeless elegance with a historical touch. They are perfect for completing a costume or adding a unique touch to a daily outfit. Ideal for fashion enthusiasts.


God Odin Sportswear Set: Inspired by Odin, the supreme god of Norse mythology, this set is both comfortable and symbolic. It's ideal for sports activities or for a casual god-inspired look. Perfect for mythology lovers who like to stay active.


Ivar Boots: These boots replicate Ivar style from the serie, combining historical authenticity and modern comfort. They are ideal for historical reenactments or as a unique fashion accessory. An excellent choice for those who want to walk in the footsteps of Vikings.


Wooden Vegvisir Watch: This watch combines modern functionality with Viking-inspired details. With its unique wooden design, it's perfect for those who appreciate nature with a sense of history. It's an ideal everyday accessory, offering style and elegance.


We hope you found inspiration among our Viking gift ideas. Remember, a Viking gift is not just an item, it's a piece of history, a symbol of courage and adventure. Merry Christmas and happy shopping! If you need more information and advice, don't hesitate to contact us.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

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